Gratitude – 03rd February 2016

Do you know and understand – truly understand – the sacrifice God gave you in offering up His son?  So that you can go to Heaven?  It’s like sending your child away to be killed because they have a kidney that can save another child’s life.  Dramatic?  Perhaps – but that is exactly what God did.  Not… Continue reading Gratitude – 03rd February 2016

Gratitude – 18th December

I have been feeling a little despondent of late – perhaps it is just tiredness: work has been hectic and usually at this time of year most people suffer from Decembernitis (that “end of year” exhaustion). But, I am also a little despondent that there still seems to be this root of fear in my life. It’s like an onion – I’ve dealt with so many layers, and things are so good right now – between my husband and I, our marriage, with Baby Girl, at work, but every now and then, this ugly little thing called fear rears its ugly head.