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1. I am a Virgo – I am perfect in every way and demand everyone else be too. I’m just kidding. I also have a sense of humour. Albeit it a weird one.
2. I love being married.
3. I love the colour pink. And black. And red. Ooh, I love red (I have a red handbag, wallet, cellphone… I kid you not.)
4. I wanted to be everything when I was growing up. Seriously, I wanted to be a doctor, an astronomist, a marine biologist – never a mommy. And what am I, besides a secretary? A mommy – and I love it.
5. I am a bath person. With a good book and lots of bubbles. And perhaps a glass of wine. Or two.
6. My favourite movies of all times are any books by Margaret Atwood and Terry Pratchett. Margaret Atwood – honestly one of the best authors I’ve ever read.
7. I drive too slow. Speed scares me. Seriously. Which is why I live in Port Elizabeth.
8. I have a relatively good attention span if something interests me. I know how to focus and concentrate. When I’m in the mood.
9. I love toast. Any time of the day or night – a little butter, some Marmite, a cup of tea and I’m good to go.
10. We try to only watch TV on the weekends – no TV from Monday to Thursdays. Baby Girl only gets to watch a little TV on a Saturday and Sunday morning.
11. I think sometimes I drink too much wine. And coffee.
12. I’m a quiet soul – it takes a lot to get me talking, and I often get comments, “why are you so quiet”. Perhaps that is why I love blogging so much?
13. I’m quite fearful and tend to watch my p’s and q’s around people. I hate offending people, especially if I like you. If I don’t, or you’ve hurt me, then I don’t care.
14. I don’t cry easily – if you see me crying, then you know I have been deeply hurt or moved by something. I’ve only ever cried in one movie, The Champ when Ricky Schroeder’s character tries to wake up his dad at the end. Oh, man, complete tear jerker.
15. I love deeply – but only one man has my heart completely.
16. I love my friends – allot.
17. I have no regrets.
18. My daughter may just rule the world one day. Well, she’s already achieved complete reign of our house.
19. My favourite movie of all time is Some Kind of Wonderful with Eric Stolts and Mary Stuart Masterson. What an awesome movie. But, I do have a list of movies I’ve enjoyed: Gladiator, Avatar, Star Trek, Dirty Dancing, etc, etc, etc.
20. I am stubborn.
21. I hate sport.
22. I have the best husband in the entire world.
23. Knysna is my just be one of my favourite places in South Africa, the other being Port Elizabeth. I like where I live although I would love to live overseas.
24. I am a very nervous flyer.
25. I have had three major eye operations before the age of six, two being while I was still under 18 months. I spent the first two years of my life in and out of hospital for various reasons. Now I hate doctors and try not to see them if I can help it.
26. I love the smell of coffee. And red wine.
27. I HATE shopping.

28. I love my two dogs – they’re so good with Baby Girl.
29. I love stories – whether watching movies or reading a book, I love stories.
30. I don’t do biographies, except for Truman Capote. I loved that book and would quite easily read it again.
31. I love the 30’s and 40’s era – Truman Capote, Billie Holiday, Mae West. The idea that Truman Capote would go live on a Greek island for the entire summer to write and drink wine – just love it.
32. I love my Honda – wouldn’t change it for anything.
33. I am anti abortion and smoking and drunk driving.
34. I have been known to be irrational sometimes. Well, okay, a lot of the time.
35. I have been to Europe – loved it and would love to go again.
36. Hubby and I want to set a foot on each continent before we depart this world.
37. I love wearing dresses, although I prefer pants. Well, I just feel more comfortable in pants, but dresses are so feminine.
38. Crowds make me nervous.
39. I am a Christian and believe in God, His will, and His undying love for us. I think we will be surprised at just how many people get into Heaven.
40. There is no other religion on this earth that makes as much sense to me as Christianity.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I wanted to be everything when I grew up too, finally narrowed it down in my late 40s. I too want to visit each continent. I planned on it for my 50th birthday but God had other plans and my travels were confined to the US & Canada (the Jubilee Journey). Oh, and shopping…my personal hell 🙂

    I love you heading quote, I’m a big fan of Joyce


  2. Hi Barbara! It’s so nice to meet you.. I love your ABOUT!! Awesome stuff! Ill be back its just hitting midnight here in Australia now so ill read more of your blog tomorrow! God bless you!

    PS I HATE shopping too!!!!!


    1. Thank you so much. It is nice to meet you too. I’ve spend a good deal on your blog, and i love it. You have a very natural flow in your writing. Will be spending some more time there as well…


    2. Thank you Barbara!! Wishing you a blessed Christmas Day! I absolutely love your Gravatar icon it’s one of the verses that I hold on to 😊


  3. Hello, Tahnk ypu so much for linking to my blog post from your post. Your post was great and it’s an honor to be mentioned toghether with it. All the best.


  4. thanks for the pingback on a recent sermon and I wish you well on your new blogging endeavors! Grace and Peace


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