Ashamed to be South African!

I have no idea if you know about the troubles in South Africa with the #feesmustfall campaign.  Now, I have no issue with protests – if something is wrong, and the government isn’t taking a stand to correct the issue, then we need to make the government listen.  It’s not the protests in and of itself… Continue reading Ashamed to be South African!

Gratitude – 15th October 2015

Today, I am grateful for: The most amazing supper hubby cooked last night – we had a friend over for dinner (whose wife is away on a conference), and hubby cooked this mustard chicken with cream.  Oh.  My.  Word.  I have had it before, in fact, it is the first meal he ever cooked for me… Continue reading Gratitude – 15th October 2015


Today, I am grateful for: The stunning weather we had yesterday – only in South Africa, in the middle of winter, are we able to go the beach and walk and swim and have a great day.  Baby Girl loved it. The beautiful birthday presents that Baby Girl received from her granny and Aunt & Uncle. The… Continue reading #21DAYSOFTHANKS – DAY 14


I’m a Christian – if you don’t know this by now, clearly you need to read my blog a little more:-).  It is the only religion in the world that makes sense to me.  And as a Christian, I do not believe in nor follow Halloween. Says me who loves any vampire, witch or wizard… Continue reading Halloween

God + You + Your Spouse = Happy Marriage? – Day 18

God + You + Your Spouse = Happy Marriage? By Fawn Weaver on Thursday, December 6, 2012 Several months ago, while I was traveling around the world, interviewing couples happily married 25-years or more in search of the secret to a happy marriage, I discovered something fascinating.  Something I wasn’t quite expecting.  I determined there were… Continue reading God + You + Your Spouse = Happy Marriage? – Day 18