Gratitude – 05th November 2015

I have a morning declaration with which I start the day – not every day.  Sometimes I am too half asleep when getting ready for work to remember my morning declaration, but I do want to share it with you, and how my attitude of gratitude has changed it: Dear Lord, Thank you that I… Continue reading Gratitude – 05th November 2015

Gratitude – 28th October 2015

Today, I am grateful for: Realising that I don’t have to be in control.  God is in control, and He sees everything, knows everything and knows what is best.  And more importantly, He is motivated by pure love.  So, I can trust Him and leave everything in His hands. For the most delicious chicken hubby cooked… Continue reading Gratitude – 28th October 2015

Why I want to continue on my gratitude journey…

I’ve – several times – over the last couple of years have completed a number of gratitude challenges – the 21 day challenge, the 30 day challenge, the marriage challenge, all challenging us to think of new things to be grateful for.  But, I am realising two things: You can’t do a gratitude challenge for 21 days… Continue reading Why I want to continue on my gratitude journey…

Gratitude – Day 1

I’ve done a Gratitude Journal for 21 Days over at The Fragrance of Marriage, focusing on showing appreciation for one’s spouse and family.  And I enjoyed it so much, and really felt my heart and mind grow stronger over these last 21 days, that I’ve decided to continue the same over here. Today, I am… Continue reading Gratitude – Day 1