Husband Gratitude

I was just reading about this woman (boss is on leave, so I have a little more time to read and blog…) who started a journal for all the things she was grateful for in her husband.  I really like this idea and so I have decided to start one too – and dedicate not just a post, but a whole page to it.  Yay.

I am really grateful for:

  • My husband who always wants what’s best for me.
  • The fact that he cooks supper every night – and it’s always delicious, wholesome and healthy.
  • That he is always willing to help out with Baby Girl – even when he thinks I do it so much better.
  • That he worries about my weight and wants me to be healthy and fit.
  • That he makes a living and keeps us floating financially.
  • That he is willing to take Baby Girl to the doctor when I can’t get off work.
  • That he sees to all those little things that I just never get the time to – getting electricity, putting petrol in my car, making sure we have veg for supper, etc.  I know sometimes he feels like he is being pulled in a thousand different directions, but still he gets it all done.
  • For loving me.
  • For loving our Baby Girl (even when she is screaming blue murder at 02:00 in the morning)
  • For always wanting to go out there and do things – see things – experience things and that he wants to take me with.
  • For my birthday present.

  • 2012/09/17 – my husband taking my car into be fixed and driving me to work every morning this week.
  • 2012/09/17 – for getting a really good DVD last night that we both enjoyed – Underworld Evolution (I even managed to stay awake through the entire movie…)
  • 2012/09/17 – for looking so good.  Seriously.
  • 2012/09/17 – for indulging Baby Girl when she wanted to look at how a pigeon or hadeedah or something pooped on her window (and we’re all running late trying to get to work on time.)
  • 2012/09/17 – for letting me use his car when I need to.
  • 2012/10/01 – for driving us safely to Cape Town and back again, for allowing me to catch up on sleep in Cape Town and for being such a good Daddy to our little Baby Girl
  • 2012/10/01 – for providing so well for our family in very tiring circumstances.
  • 2012/10/01 – for being exactly who he is.
  • 2012/10/01 – for enjoying the Underworld movies with me.  So love them.
  • 2012/10/22 – for making such a delicious lunch yesterday – yummy!
  • 2012/10/22 – for driving us home safely on Saturday with treacherous conditions in the flooding rain.
  • 2012/10/22 – for always helping out with Baby Girl when you can (and when she will allow it).
  • 2012/10/22 – for always listening to my mom and her husband even when they can only talk Jewish stuff and nothing else.  Thank you (and my mom is NOT Jewish…)

  • 2013/06/11 – for always wanting to make us work.  For that, thank you for ever and for always.  Thank you.
  • 2013/07/23 – for being available to look after Baby Girl when she is sick and I have to go to work.  Thank you for taking time out of your day and rescheduling your meetings when I can’t do that.
  • 2013/07/29 – thank you for always warming my side of the bed before I get to bed.  It’s always so wonderful to get into a warm bed.
  • 2013/07/29 – thank you for always trying to get me to be on time for work.  Sure I’d be running a lot later if you didn’t egg me on a little.
  • 2013/07/29 – thank you for loving us the way you do – both baby girl and myself.  We are truly blessed.
  • 2013/07/29 – thank you for always wanting me, even though I am totally overweight, and out of shape.

  • 2015/08/28 – for loving me, for staying with me after 17 years of highs and lows, financial worries, a screaming baby, and loads of other stress – you are still here.
  • 2015/08/28 – for making the most delicious meals every night, while I attend to Baby Girl.  And you wash the dishes.
  • 2015/08/28 – for not being one of “those” men who think anything to do with home, cooking, and children is “woman’s work”.  You help out and do whatever you can, when you can.
  • 2015/08/28 – for being such a great dad.  Your realness, genuineness and love for her will help her in good stead as she grows up.
  • 2015/08/28 – just for being so amazing.
  • 2015/08/28 – for feeling so amazing in bed last night; just reaching across to touch you provides me with great comfort.
  • 2015/08/28 – for checking the doors and windows every night before we go to bed to make sure the house is secure and that we are safe.  I love you.

  • 2016/09/05 – for making my birthday absolutely spectacular.  I enjoyed this one so much, I could easily have another… oh wait, there’s always next year. 🙂
  • 2016/09/05 – for my awesome birthday present.  It’s a little necklace from Swarovski Crystal – it is beautiful and represents our little family so perfectly.
  • 2016/09/10 – for our little trip to East London.  We had an awesome weekend and I love that my husband is a go-getter and plans these things.  Love this man.

  • 2017/01/20 – for our trip to Cape Town, an awesome holiday, and having many meals together; just the two of us. We had sushi at CTFM, we had lunch in Gordon’s Bay, we had breakfast together at Meerendal (about three or four times).  Just spending the time together over Christmas was awesome.
  • 2017/01/20 – For running not one, but two, Parkruns with me while we were in Cape Town.  The Durbanville Parkrun at Meerendal, and the Green Point Parkrun.  It was so awesome.
  • 2017/01/20 – For his kindness – I truly believe my husband has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.
  • 2017/01/20 – For his business sense – through very tough financial times, and tough economic and political climates, he has kept us going financially for which I am very grateful.
  • 2017/01/23 – For hubby supporting my running career – not only did I run a 10 km  on Saturday race, but I also got to do a 5 km recovery run yesterday.
  • 2017/01/24 – For hubby arranging and paying and sorting out laminate flooring for our house.  Our old carpets were smelly, stained and really looking old.  And I can’t believe the difference it has made to our house.  Thank you, Baby for sorting this out.  Its made a huge difference and I am very grateful.
  • 2017/01/25 – For always trying to make me laugh, even when I am as grumpy as anything.  And for being honest about what you need from me in order to feel loved.  Thank you.
  • 2017/01/26 – For buying me not one, but three bottles of white wine last night.  I’ve enjoyed having some red wine, but I really enjoy my white – with lots, and lots, and lots of ice.  Just lovely.  Thank you so much!
  • 2017/01/27 – we’re having a brain at school tonight, and I didn’t have time to buy meat and get stuff for the braai, and hubby went and bought me not only chicken, but lovely lamb chops as well.  I feel loved and I’m very grateful for this wonderful man.  Thank you, Lord!
  • 2017/01/30 – I am grateful, and humbled, to be celebrating 17 years of marriage to the most amazing, and awesome, man God could’ve blessed me with.
  • 2017/01/31 – my husband has to be one of the kindest people on the face of this planet.  He always tried to give me what I want or need, and looks for ways to make it happen.  But, not just with me – also with Baby Girl and our friends.  He does have, indeed, a very kind heart.
  • 2017/02/01 – Last night when I got home hubby had made a braai and had braai’d (barbecue for our American friends) the most amazing chicken portions.  I am grateful for this man who just does things; and does them beautifully.
  • 2017/02/02 – I am grateful for my husband’s unwavering support for who I am.  He always sees the best in me, always AND wants what is best for me.  ALWAYS!
  • 2017/02/03 – I am grateful for the delicious suppers my husband makes every night.  And I’m grateful that if there is enough left over, I get lunch at work the next day! 🙂
  • 2017/02/06 – I am so, so grateful, not only for my husband’s support and encouragement in my fledgling running career, but that he actually ran the 15 km race with me on Saturday.  I am grateful that I get to do life with someone who is so amazing.
  • 2017/02/07 – I am grateful that my husband is just awesome, and amazing, and totally mine.
  • 2017/02/09 – for my husband’s patience in Baby Girl’s sorrow last night.
  • 2017/02/14 – I am grateful that my husband still in my Valentine… ❤
  • 2017/02/16 – I am grateful that my husband organised a puppy for Baby Girl.  She has wanted her own pet for such a long time.  And it is a sweet, little Jack Russell that Baby Girl has named Sparkles.  How sweet!
  • 2017/02/21 – my husband bought a Nespresso machine.  Oh, we have been wanting one for such a long time.  How awesome is it to have really good coffee…  And it was on sale (the reason for the purchase), so we got it at a really good price.
  • 2017/02/23 – for being such an amazing man.  Thank you!
  • 2017/03/07 – I am grateful that my husband is an amazing person, kind, loving and gentle.  I am grateful that God has blessed my life with this awesome man.  I am grateful that my husband loves me so much!

  • 2017/03/14 – that my husband is this creative thinker, he is the always at the forefront of trying something new.  While I try live my live controlled, he lives his life as an adventure.
  • 2017/04/20 – that even though my husband had a function on last night, he still came home first to make supper.  How awesome is that?
  • 2017/05/09 – for being the most amazing husband a woman could want: he is kind and caring and gentle.  And I love him!

The idea, according the blog, is to sit down once a week and list a few things you’re grateful for.  It’s actually quite an interesting read:  Seriously, what is it like to be married to me?  Oh, heavens, maybe I don’t want to know that answer…

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