Talking to yourself…

Romans 10:17: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. You see, it is not only the Word of God that will create long-lasting impressions in your mind, heart and soul.  It was what you allow yourself to hear that will dictate the quality of your life, thoughts and spirit. Ever since… Continue reading Talking to yourself…

There are no “What-If’s” to God’s promises!

I am a little nervous of late.  Perhaps even a little fearful.  I am certainly worried and concerned.  You see, I am now going to go off Paxil.  I only have a few tablets left, and I am starting to wean myself off these tablets.  And that thought makes me feel a little nervous, anxious… Continue reading There are no “What-If’s” to God’s promises!

Overcoming anxiety

Every now and then, I come across a post that fits in so nicely with battling anxiety – and this one from Women Abiding is one of them.  Although she is speaking about envy, it is so pertinent to battling anxiety I just had to share – although I have changed it to be more… Continue reading Overcoming anxiety

Feeling ashamed.

I have felt very sad since I discovered a secret about my mother that I am sure she would not have wanted me to know.  You see, my mother divorced my father after 33 years of marriage, because I was happy on my honeymoon.  The negative impact of that you just can’t imagine – on… Continue reading Feeling ashamed.

The author and finisher of our faith!

The other day, I read an article written by Sheila Wray Gregoire, the author of 31 Days to Great Sex that has really been playing over and over in my mind.  And although she relates it to marriage specifically, I think it is true in any area of life.  But, as you will read, it’s… Continue reading The author and finisher of our faith!