Gratitude Mondays

Today, is Baby Girl’s 8th birthday.  And in the spirit of celebrating eight years of her life, my gratitude journal today revolves around her: I am grateful that Baby Girl is in our lives – I cannot imagine life without her. I am grateful that no matter how hard parenting has been for us, neither… Continue reading Gratitude Mondays

I’m embarrassed!

This is an email I sent to hubby this morning regarding Baby Girl: Hey, I just wanted to explain where I am coming from with regards to Baby Girl.  I am worried about her at the moment – she needs to learn how to interact with others; and not just friends but making new friends at… Continue reading I’m embarrassed!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Little Baby Girl has turned seven.  She’s not so little anymore, but I was quite complimented when her aunt (my brother’s wife) told me about how much they enjoy her company and what a lovely young lady she has grown up to be. And she is lovely. I am so proud that my little girl is… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Awesome weekend – and a trip to the Museum

For the last couple of weeks, Baby Girl has been hounding, nagging, begging and pleading to go the Museum.  I don’t know what brought on this sudden desire to see the Museum, but with hubby doing his first 36One race this weekend, I thought it an opportune time to take her.  And it was lovely. Look,… Continue reading Awesome weekend – and a trip to the Museum