Pleasing God!

Welcome to Gratitude Mondays. There are many days that I feel like a failure.  A loser…  A transgressor, a (shock horror) a sinner…  Yes, we are all those for all have fallen short of God’s glory, but we have also been redeemed.  As I begin to move along to a greater understanding of how God sees… Continue reading Pleasing God!

I’m scared, Mama…

It’s not really my place to comment on the recent shooting in America.  Not only was I not there at the time, I am not an American.  But, I can comment as a mom.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re black and white, when you’re a mom – the first thing you want to do is protect your… Continue reading I’m scared, Mama…

Eat. As Jesus did.

I battle with my weight.  Ever since Baby Girl’s arrival on this planet, I have battled with my weight.  Before her arrival, I was slender, and well toned.  Now, I’m just fat. Well, truth be told, it’s not my weight I battle with – that’s just the result.  I battle with eating.  I can’t stop.  Even… Continue reading Eat. As Jesus did.

The Little Things

Very often it is the little things strung together in one continuous motion of time that make life worthwhile.  Like a good cup of coffee, reading a good book, a good chat with your man, a splendid sunrise… The major, life altering moments are significant as well, but we generally don’t experience those everyday. No, it’s… Continue reading The Little Things