Gratitude – 02nd February 2016

How do you know I am from South Africa?  Well, because when I write the date in my title, I put the day first, not the month… Perhaps I’ll get a bigger readership if I put February 02nd, 2016… Just a little humour to start the day… And that is part of what I am… Continue reading Gratitude – 02nd February 2016


Today, I am grateful for: That I am slowly but surely learning that I can control my thoughts, my reactions to live.  I can believe the best and hope for the best, because God has promised us the best.  Not easy – just the best. That I have the most amazing family. That I have walked this… Continue reading #21DAYSOFTHANKS – DAY 8

Talking to yourself…

Romans 10:17: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. You see, it is not only the Word of God that will create long-lasting impressions in your mind, heart and soul.  It was what you allow yourself to hear that will dictate the quality of your life, thoughts and spirit. Ever since… Continue reading Talking to yourself…

Swing? Anyone? Want to? It’s Totally Worth It.

There is a blog that I follow that I really like – she is sassy, down to earth, tell it like it is…  And today’s post has really stood out to me, because it’s in what we think, what we say and how we say that we constantly reinforce negative beliefs that hold us back… Continue reading Swing? Anyone? Want to? It’s Totally Worth It.