Gratitude Mondays

Every Monday, I like to focus on gratitude.  It is hard to continually come up with new and exciting things to be grateful for.  You have to really look…  And that is the key, I believe.  It is in the looking that you change your mind and start thinking new thoughts.  And it isn’t always easy… Continue reading Gratitude Mondays

Evaluating your Year – 2016

Evaluating your Year – 2016 Whilst on holiday, I read a blog post from Jennifer at Unveiled Wife, and I really liked the idea.  The idea is to look at your year last year and give a brief evaluation of how your year went.  I think, overall, I had a really good year last year. … Continue reading Evaluating your Year – 2016

To my darling Baby Girl

You’re seven!  Wow – such a big girl, full of bright ideas and a wonder at the world I wish I still had.  Last night I took you to your first football practice.  You loved it.  You played so well and you had such fun, you were amazing.  But, when we got there – and… Continue reading To my darling Baby Girl

My 21 Day Detox!

Who am I in Christ? I am fearfully and wonderfully made, with power, love and a sound mind. I am busy working through Dr Caroline Leaf’s 21 Day Detox programme.  And I have tackled toxic thinking on various issues in my life, but the one I haven’t tackled yet – the big one, the major driving… Continue reading My 21 Day Detox!

I’m scared, Mama…

It’s not really my place to comment on the recent shooting in America.  Not only was I not there at the time, I am not an American.  But, I can comment as a mom.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re black and white, when you’re a mom – the first thing you want to do is protect your… Continue reading I’m scared, Mama…

Eat. As Jesus did.

I battle with my weight.  Ever since Baby Girl’s arrival on this planet, I have battled with my weight.  Before her arrival, I was slender, and well toned.  Now, I’m just fat. Well, truth be told, it’s not my weight I battle with – that’s just the result.  I battle with eating.  I can’t stop.  Even… Continue reading Eat. As Jesus did.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Little Baby Girl has turned seven.  She’s not so little anymore, but I was quite complimented when her aunt (my brother’s wife) told me about how much they enjoy her company and what a lovely young lady she has grown up to be. And she is lovely. I am so proud that my little girl is… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!