Today I am grateful: For this wonderful amazing man who I married, and the, ahem, amazing time we had last night. ūüôā For my beautiful Baby Girl and her bright energy, and love and kindness she adds to our lives. For my¬†home – we can’t afford to really maintain and look after her, but¬†I am… Continue reading #21DAYSOFTHANKS – Day 2

A revolution!

Yes, I have been harping about positive thinking, and being grateful for what you have in life for a while now. ¬†And¬†the¬†more blogs I read, the more I am aware of what is going on in social media, the more I am becoming convinced that finally we have cottoned on (or perhaps still in the… Continue reading A revolution!

Cultivating Gratitude and Positive Thinking!

Why me?¬† There are often times I ask myself, Why do I battle with anxiety? ¬†Why have I gone through these last terrible years?¬† Am I normal?¬† Am I the only one? And while I can see how my past has allowed the pieces of the puzzle to fit together in such a way that… Continue reading Cultivating Gratitude and Positive Thinking!

The Great Catholic Debate

Another great deception‚Ķ Further to my recent post on the Great Deceiver, I find myself seeing many ways in which Satan deceives us, tells us lies, whispers in our ears that which he knows will harm and destroy us.¬† And one of the biggest, and most harmful lies to me is that of the Big… Continue reading The Great Catholic Debate

Feeling ashamed.

I have felt very sad since I discovered a secret about my mother that I am sure she would not have wanted me to know.¬† You see, my mother divorced my father after 33 years of marriage, because I was happy on my honeymoon.¬† The negative impact of that you just can’t imagine ‚Äď on… Continue reading Feeling ashamed.