My 21 Day Detox!

Who am I in Christ? I am fearfully and wonderfully made, with power, love and a sound mind. I am busy working through Dr Caroline Leaf’s 21 Day Detox programme.  And I have tackled toxic thinking on various issues in my life, but the one I haven’t tackled yet – the big one, the major driving… Continue reading My 21 Day Detox!

Gratitude – Day 20

There is much to be grateful for.  And I am enjoying doing this 21 day challenge, because it has helped me to focus my mind and it has helped me to be intentional about what I am thinking about.  Perhaps you, too, should try this challenge and start reaping the rewards.  Even if you have… Continue reading Gratitude – Day 20

Gratitude – Day 17

Thank you Lord Jesus for my many blessings. John 17:10 NIV 10 All I have is yours, and all you have is mine. And glory has come to me through them. Today, I am grateful for: Some lovely sunny weather – more rain to come, apparently, but for now we can enjoy some some sun.  How lovely.… Continue reading Gratitude – Day 17

Gratitude – Day 16

Dear Lord, I am truly so grateful and honoured that you have graced my life with this rock star husband of mine.  He is awesome.  Thank you Lord for giving him to me – help me to be a wife worthy of this most amazing gift. Today, I am grateful for: My husband – who… Continue reading Gratitude – Day 16

Gratitude – Day 12

I feel so tired today.  But, that’s because it’s been such an awesome weekend.  So, today, I am grateful for: An awesome weekend with my husband – there was a time when we didn’t look forward to weekends because of all the stress, and now I find we’re relaxing more and more at home, and… Continue reading Gratitude – Day 12

Gratitude – Day 11

Thank you, Lord: For blessing me so abundantly – I have a husband who loves me, a beautiful daughter, a warm safe home, a functioning family.  Thank you. Thank you for little mercies – like a delicious cup of coffee at work every morning. Thank you for rest – a good night’s sleep, sleeping safely… Continue reading Gratitude – Day 11