Dealing with anxiety…

I am not a psychologist, or counselor, or any professional of any kind at all and perhaps my advice or blogs or stories may be quite boring to you. And that’s okay. It really is. I blog because it helps me to keep track of my own growth, and I blog because it’s a small legacy that I can leave Baby Girl so that she can one day truly know who I am, and I blog because maybe, just maybe, something that I say may just trigger a thought or a feeling in you that you can have an abundant life, that you can view your anxieties differently, that you can know that there is a God who truly loves you. More than you will ever know.

Feeling ashamed.

I have felt very sad since I discovered a secret about my mother that I am sure she would not have wanted me to know.  You see, my mother divorced my father after 33 years of marriage, because I was happy on my honeymoon.  The negative impact of that you just can’t imagine – on… Continue reading Feeling ashamed.

I want to be a writer – no! No! NO!

I want to be a writer… No, no, no!!! Yes, I do. No, no, no!!! I want to be a reader.  I keep thinking that I want to write, and perhaps, one day, I will.  But, what draws me more – and yearns to me even more – is reading. In fact, I am so… Continue reading I want to be a writer – no! No! NO!

31 Days to Great Sex

One of the many reasons I love blogging – and reading blogs – is that you come across some really great advice   Blogs that help you view  your life a little differently, a little better and to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles with motherhood, work, and well, I suppose just… Continue reading 31 Days to Great Sex

Why I love blogging…

Why I love to blog. And why I am enjoying the blogging community so much.  Not just because I get to write, and clear my head and express myself and not only because I can often get to the heart of the matter when I write (or blog – for me it’s pretty much one… Continue reading Why I love blogging…