War Room: Health, Eating and Anxiety

21st December 2015:

I have not seen the movie, The War Room.  But, I have read about it, and I do believe in the power of prayer.

I have prayed for a long, long time for four things:

  1. For God to protect and nurture and bless my marriage.
  2. To have financially prosperity.
  3. To be slim, fit, trim and healthy.
  4. To look after, and guide, Baby Girl through life – to parent her and love her where hubby and I will so often fail.

So, I am going to war.  I am going to war for my health, for eating healthy, for eating without anxiety and fear, for focus to get fit and exercise.

Just a little while ago, there was no thought of doing any form of exercise – now I try run as often as I can.  In fact, I would be fearful to walk the steps at work in case I lost weight – no I’m doing the Park Run as often as possible.  I have come so far – but I am still eating emotionally.  I still have so much fear around eating, or not eating, that my life pretty much still revolves around food – to the point of not being healthy.

I am going to war for my healthy eating habits – to focus not just on eating healthy, but also to eat in moderation, to eat when I am hungry, but also that when hubby says let’s go out to supper, there is no anxiety involved, no fear involved in eating or not eating.

This page will record what I am learning and God’s answer to my prayer.

23rd December 2015:

Last night I woke up feeling very anxious.  I have no idea what the cause was – it may even have been the heat – but lying awake like that a little to reminiscent of that time when I was in the full throes of anxiety.  I recalled to mind God’s Word, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7).  My mind and my emotions belongs to God, and He is the God of peace, love, kindness, hope and faith.  Eventually, I did fall asleep again (only to be woken by Baby Girl who was having bad dreams), but I am not going to allow fear to enter again.  I am at war – at war for all the promises of God, which do NOT include fear.

24th December 2015:

Today – well, it started last night – I am feeling anxious about the up coming holidays.  Two weeks at home, running about, and doing things and being out of my routine is making me a little nervous.  However, I am at war for the peace of my mind and my soul – which are mine to claim through the promises of God.  I know that I can trust God.