War Room: Finances

21st December 2015:

I have not seen the movie, The War Room.  But, I have read about it, and I do believe in the power of prayer.

I have prayed for a long, long time for four things:

  1. For God to protect and nurture and bless my marriage.
  2. To have financially prosperity.
  3. To be slim, fit, trim and healthy.
  4. To look after, and guide, Baby Girl through life – to parent her and love her where hubby and I will so often fail.

So, I am going to war.  I am going to war for our finances.  Both hubby and I have been retrenched, and we have never recovered. We live in a society where white men are not given work because they are white.  And so we have had to painstakingly build a business that will be enough to support us.  And while things are on the up and up, there are many needs and requirements ahead of us that we need to provide for.

I am going to war for our finances – to focus on God providing for our needs, and living through God’s abundance; that we can listen to God’s guidance in what we need to do to move ahead.  I am going to war that we don’t have to spend the rest of our lives battling from month-to-month, never knowing when the rug will be pulled out from under us.  That we can start fixing up our house, giving Baby Girl her own clothes instead of hand-me-downs, that I can buy my own clothes instead of wearing my mother’s throw aways.  I am not wanting to be wealthy – I just want to live life without this constant stress and financial worry the whole time.

This page will record what I am learning and God’s answer to my prayer.

23rd December 2015:  

Last night Baby Girl was tired.  She had a good day and had done lots of swimming, and playing and picnics with a friend of hers from school.  But, and she has mentioned this a few times now already, she really wants a new house.  And I can’t blame her.  Our house is really looking run down, and needs a lot of TLC.  TLC that we just quite simply can’t afford to give now.  It shames me that a six-year-old can see that her house is not being looked after.  Yesterday, I read Virtuous Woman Exposed’s blog about Ready to be Blessed, and Sarah Ball makes a point about “good enough”.  God didn’t call us to “good enough”, He called us to abundance.

“God wants His people positioned for influence.   He wants us to be living above water, not drowning.  He wants us to be rowing ferociously in the direction he is calling us to, instead of being stuck bailing out water out of our leaky boats.  We need to stop accepting defeat and ‘good enough.’  God’s challenge to me was – Is that what you want for your children –  ‘good enough?’  No I want my kids to live abundantly, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.  Don’t you?”  Virtuous Woman Exposed

I am ready to move past “good enough” to abundance.  We’re in that place where we’re just simply bailing water, just battling to stay afloat.  I am ready to receive God’s blessings.  I am at war for our finances.