Going on holiday…

Finally, today, I get to go on holiday too.  It seems the whole world has been on leave at least since Friday, if not way before that and I have been at work each and every day since.  Sigh.  But, dear folks, that also means that there will be no blogging until I return to… Continue reading Going on holiday…

End of year busyness…

It has been hectic.  But, then again, isn’t this time of year always so busy?  Strange, isn’t it, because we’re all wanting to wind down and get into holiday mode, and start enjoying the sun, sea and surf, but things just seem to get so hectic.  Both hubby and I are exhausted and can’t wait… Continue reading End of year busyness…

Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith – Day 16

Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith By Fawn Weaver on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 I have only once met a happy atheist.  That is not to say more don’t exist.  I’m simply observing that I’ve only personally met one.  I oftentimes wonder if the reason for that is how difficult the challenges in… Continue reading Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith – Day 16

I have found my five.

I have found my five. If you read my post yesterday, you will see that I needed to find five physical attributes of myself that I really liked.  Wow – talk about it not being easy.  I battled to find two, never mind five.  But, I think I may have found five.  Before reading what… Continue reading I have found my five.


    WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY!!!� *Our Phones ~ Wireless� *Cooking ~ Fireless� *Cars ~ Keyless� *Food ~ Fatless� *Tyres ~ Tubeless� *Dress ~ Sleeveless� *Youth ~ Jobless� *Leaders ~ Shameless� *Relationships ~ Meaningless� *Attitude ~ Careless� *Wives ~ Fearless� *Babies ~ Fatherless� *Feelings ~ Heartless� *Education ~ Valueless� *Children ~ Mannerless� ZUMA, CLUELESS… Continue reading WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY!!!

Igniting Happiness All Around You

Igniting Happiness All Around You By Fawn Weaver on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 What’s your neighbor’s name?  No, not that one, the one on the other side.  What about the one across the street, just a couple doors down?  How well do you know them?  How well do you desire to know them?  Believe it… Continue reading Igniting Happiness All Around You

Celebrate Little Victories Every Day

Celebrate Little Victories Every Day By Fawn Weaver on Thursday, November 22, 2012 Have you been enjoying our 21 Days to a Happier You series?  Hopefully, you already gained something in the first 3 days as we chatted about nutrition and exercise.  There are only three things that impact your happiness: Relationship with self, relationship with others and… Continue reading Celebrate Little Victories Every Day