End of year busyness…

Granny (Looney Tunes)
Granny (Looney Tunes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been hectic.  But, then again, isn’t this time of year always so busy?  Strange, isn’t it, because we’re all wanting to wind down and get into holiday mode, and start enjoying the sun, sea and surf, but things just seem to get so hectic.  Both hubby and I are exhausted and can’t wait for a bit of break from work and the trudge of the normal day-to-day routine.

The first thing that we had to attend to was getting Baby Girl‘s school uniform for next year.  I still need to get her navy blue crocks, but for the most part that is done.  And while I have not told you the whole story of Baby Girl breaking her arm, we also spent the whole day (practically) at the Orthopaedic Surgeon only to be told that her break is healing quite nicely and that he would just leave it be (without a cast).  Of course hubby and I were delighted to hear this, but we had to wait for over three hours in a waiting room full of the elderly and try keep a four year old entertained and quiet.  So, that Wednesday was quite a busy one – on top of which I had a dentist appointment and a root canal was done.  Lovely.  That was the 20th November.

Then on the 25th, Baby Girl had a Kindermusik day at her school.  I could not attend – there was no way I could ask for more time off work, but hubby was graciously able to go.  Baby Girl was not well and kept on crying for hubby to take her home – so not like her.  We then took her to the doctor that evening, only to be told she was fighting an infection, but seems to be over the worst.  How to feel like an awful mother, 101.

Then on Friday the 29th November, hubby had to pick Baby Girl up from school and take her to her ballet practice – our little girl had her first ballet concert the next day.  Once again, I could not get off work so was very grateful hubby could take her, but she was a bit miserable on getting home and so hubby took her to Sardinia Bay and apparently she just ran and ran and ran.  And laughed and played and loved it.  You see, I am such a homebody that sometimes I forget that our little Baby Girl has the personality type that she needs to get out and play and breath  in fresh air.  I just like being at home.  In fact, you can read all about moving out of comfort zone here.

Also, on that Friday was my work end of year party – I was on the committee and it was a total disaster.  The food was awful, the venue was cramped, the drinks were too expensive and it was quite simply not enjoyed by all.  In my defence, however, we had one lady who bulldozed what she wanted done and the rest of us just had to comply.  I hope she has now realised that working as a team is a far better way to go.

Anyway, on Saturday, 30th November, hubby, Granny and I went to watch Baby Girl in her first ballet concert.  As hubby says, it was organised chaos.  The kids were adorable, and Baby Girl danced absolutely beautifully.  Of course, I am completely unbiased…  okay, okay, I admit, it’s just a mother’s proud heart talking here, but she really did dance beautifully.  One little girl just stood and waved at the crowd the whole dance – it was very cute.  But, Baby Girl did do well enough for me to consider her carrying on with Ballet next year at her big school.  How we will pay for it, I do not know – but that is a thought and a concern for next year.  Let’s just get this year’s worries out the way first.

They are also painting at our offices and so I am being shunted from one office to the next – now I am just staying put in my office, because I can’t bear to be relocated.  Once again.

On Sunday we have a little kids party to attend, and on Saturday night Granny is going to look after Baby Girl while hubby and I catch up on a movie.  Yay.  I can’t remember when last we went to the movies.  And really exciting – a friend is treating us to a night away next week Saturday (Granny will be looking after Baby Girl) and the following weekend, hubby has won a night away to an exclusive game farm (costs R4 000 per person per night) and yes, we get to go.  Isn’t that totally awesome?  Of course, in between all this and still working until the 24th December, we still have to figure out where and how we will put the Christmas tree up and buy Baby Girl an awesome Christmas present.


And of course our financial concerns remain – my credit card is now totally maxed out because we had to pay for Baby Girl’s broken arm, medicine, doctors visits, my root canal (oh.  my.  word.  My root canal cost R2 750 for the second visit.  Good grief – I am still in a bit of a state of shock!)  And I have no idea how we’re going to afford school, after care, ballet, etc.  But it is important to hubby and I to give baby girl the best that education can give, and so we will make all the sacrifices necessary.  How we will do this, I do not know.  But I pray that the good Lord above will provide for us in ways we cannot yet even fathom or understand.


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