Mentoring Letter 435 Facing Reality

Mentoring Letter 435 Facing Reality Mentoring Letter 435               Facing Reality “Life is a series of problems. Do we want to moan about them or solve them?”  M. Scott Peck I am unashamedly an optimist.  I see the world through rose coloured glasses.  Being a typical golfer with the belief that the next round will be… Continue reading Mentoring Letter 435 Facing Reality

A revolution!

Yes, I have been harping about positive thinking, and being grateful for what you have in life for a while now.  And the more blogs I read, the more I am aware of what is going on in social media, the more I am becoming convinced that finally we have cottoned on (or perhaps still in the… Continue reading A revolution!

Big Dreaming or Unicorn Wishing: What’s It Gonna Be?

I couldn’t find a way to reblog this post, but I thought it so vital I had to share.  I highlighted those areas that I thought were so pertinent: Big Dreaming or Unicorn Wishing: What’s It Gonna Be? I wonder when it happened that we quit dreaming big dreams.  As children, we imagined, created and… Continue reading Big Dreaming or Unicorn Wishing: What’s It Gonna Be?

The Power Of Thoughts

Mentoring Letter 399 The Power Of Thoughts “Thinking is powerful stuff whether you’re shaping your moment, or shaping your lifetime.” Author Unknown All day and much of the night our mind is constantly thinking, interpreting, and trying to make sense of what is taking place in our lives.  Your thoughts shape your feelings and your… Continue reading The Power Of Thoughts

Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith – Day 16

Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith By Fawn Weaver on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 I have only once met a happy atheist.  That is not to say more don’t exist.  I’m simply observing that I’ve only personally met one.  I oftentimes wonder if the reason for that is how difficult the challenges in… Continue reading Seeing the World Through a Prism of Faith – Day 16

Release Your Expectation of Perfection

Release Your Expectation of Perfection By Fawn Weaver on Saturday, December 1, 2012 Releasing the expectation of perfection in yourself and in others may be one of the most difficult tasks we must accomplish as women.  I’m not sure how or why so many of us grew up desiring perfection; especially, in what we all… Continue reading Release Your Expectation of Perfection

Give Yourself a Break

Give Yourself a Break By Fawn Weaver on Saturday, November 24, 2012 We are too hard on ourselves.  Women in general are too critical of our flaws, weaknesses, failures and shortcomings.  What is most important to remember is you’re never going to be who you most desire to be.  That may seem like I’m deflating… Continue reading Give Yourself a Break