Today I am grateful: For this wonderful amazing man who I married, and the, ahem, amazing time we had last night. 🙂 For my beautiful Baby Girl and her bright energy, and love and kindness she adds to our lives. For my home – we can’t afford to really maintain and look after her, but I am… Continue reading #21DAYSOFTHANKS – Day 2

A revolution!

Yes, I have been harping about positive thinking, and being grateful for what you have in life for a while now.  And the more blogs I read, the more I am aware of what is going on in social media, the more I am becoming convinced that finally we have cottoned on (or perhaps still in the… Continue reading A revolution!

Learning to love yourself

I believe that one of the greatest problems in life is learning to love yourself.  If you truly loved yourself, you wouldn’t do drugs, or an alcoholic, or sleep around – you would take care of yourself and look after yourself.  Let’s see what Joyce Meyers says on this topic: Find the Love, Peace and… Continue reading Learning to love yourself

Feeling ashamed.

I have felt very sad since I discovered a secret about my mother that I am sure she would not have wanted me to know.  You see, my mother divorced my father after 33 years of marriage, because I was happy on my honeymoon.  The negative impact of that you just can’t imagine – on… Continue reading Feeling ashamed.

Big Dreaming or Unicorn Wishing: What’s It Gonna Be?

I couldn’t find a way to reblog this post, but I thought it so vital I had to share.  I highlighted those areas that I thought were so pertinent: Big Dreaming or Unicorn Wishing: What’s It Gonna Be? I wonder when it happened that we quit dreaming big dreams.  As children, we imagined, created and… Continue reading Big Dreaming or Unicorn Wishing: What’s It Gonna Be?

Focusing on what you do have…

 I must admit, I do get insanely excited when I read a blog, or a book, that agrees itself to my way of thinking.  It is exciting.  And to know that there is almost this “thought movement” out there that people across the globe are starting to cotton on to different ideas is quite amazing.… Continue reading Focusing on what you do have…

For my husband – and his five traits!!!

A little while ago, I admitted that I had started reading 31 Days to Great Sex.  It is a challenging book to read, but one that is, uh, most enjoyable.  However, the biggest challenge I am finding at this stage is getting myself in the mood at the end of a hectic day.  Last night,… Continue reading For my husband – and his five traits!!!