Pierced ears & a sleep over…

  To my darling, Baby Girl Just two weeks ago, you celebrated your 8th Birthday.  I cannot believe that you are eight already, but what I can’t believe is how grown up you are.  You are handling turning eight with such gusto and style, you have made your Dad and I very proud of you.… Continue reading Pierced ears & a sleep over…

Gratitude Mondays

Today, is Baby Girl’s 8th birthday.  And in the spirit of celebrating eight years of her life, my gratitude journal today revolves around her: I am grateful that Baby Girl is in our lives – I cannot imagine life without her. I am grateful that no matter how hard parenting has been for us, neither… Continue reading Gratitude Mondays

To my darling, Baby Girl

Today you turn 8.  I cannot believe where the time has gone, and I still remember so vividly, so clearly the morning of your birth: a freezing, cold, blustery day, pouring with rain.  I remember getting up early and your Dad driving me to the hospital and turning on the radio only to hear that… Continue reading To my darling, Baby Girl


I think it is quite fitting that today, of all days, is day 21 of 21 Days of Thanks.  Because, you see, today I am grateful for: The fact that five years ago today, this little screaming baby who never slept came into this world.  I was overwhelmed, I was scared, I didn’t know what… Continue reading #21DAYSOFTHANKS – DAY 21