I think it is quite fitting that today, of all days, is day 21 of 21 Days of Thanks.  Because, you see, today I am grateful for:

  • The fact that five years ago today, this little screaming baby who never slept came into this world.  I was overwhelmed, I was scared, I didn’t know what to do – and now it’s already five years later and she is such a blessing and joy to her Dad and I.
  • Her sense of humour – she can be so mischievous and funny, she often has her Dad and I laughing.
  • Her kindness – every night she will take one of her favourite soft toys or dolls and give it to her Dad so that he has something to cuddle the whole night.
  • Her intelligence – she always challenges me with the questions she asks.
  • Her Dad – that he is the most amazing Dad and husband anyone could wish for.  Thank you, my love.
  • God – that He has so graciously and richly blessed our lives.  May we stop focusing on what we don’t have, and start focusing on what we do have.

Thank you dear God for these precious gifts in my life.

Add #21daysofthanks and @busyasamother so I know what you kids are up to.

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