For my husband – and his five traits!!!

Foto de Tiago Nicastro e Juliana Rosen
Foto de Tiago Nicastro e Juliana Rosen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little while ago, I admitted that I had started reading 31 Days to Great Sex.  It is a challenging book to read, but one that is, uh, most enjoyable.  However, the biggest challenge I am finding at this stage is getting myself in the mood at the end of a hectic day.  Last night, I had all designs and thoughts of making the moves on my dear hubby.  But, after our chicken was delivered (we order direct from a farm) and she stayed to tell us her life history in about two minutes flat, sorting out lunch, bathing baby girl, doing the grocery shopping online (which involves checking cupboards, and groceries to determine what we need), going to Madam’s room trying to get her settled numerous times (seriously, just wish the kid would just sleep already), the last thing I felt like was having sex.  Seriously, all I wanted to do was collapse in front of the TV and just not do anything.  And just breathe.

But, then we went to bed, I started to feel really guilty – God did not design marriage for us to collapse in front of the TV.  He designed marriage and life to have movement – a continual flow of energy by doing things and getting things done.  But, I don’t have high energy levels to start off with, so come the end of the day, quite honestly I am just exhausted.  And it is too tempting to give into that exhaustion and get to the point of wanting to do nothing – before passing out in an exhausted sleep.

But, as I have learnt from 31 Days to Great Sex, which has been playing on my mind just a little (okay, okay – a lot) is that God created men’s, uh, nether regions to be functional and pleasurable.  In other words, that area of a man has a dual function.  However, when God created a woman, he created this little node in her nether regions that is purely for pleasure.  Not for any other reason – there is no functionality to this node, except to give a woman pleasure.

So, if that is how God created us, then surely He would have wanted us to use it.  For pleasure.  With our husbands.

Anyway, those are also the reasons why it is taking so long to work through this book – but I am getting there.  My husband’s satisfaction is important to me – and I like that this book is getting me to think about sex and intimacy differently.

Anyway, the challenge to day is to list five physical traits about my husband that I really like – in contrast to listing my own five, which I found quite challenging (you can read about it here), listing five traits of my husband that I find attractive, was quite easy.

  1. I love his eyes – he has the most amazing, clear and perceptive blue eyes I think I have ever seen.
  2. I love his smile.  When he smiles, his whole face lights up.
  3. I love his build – he is thin, and athletic (probably from all his cycling)
  4. I love his hands – I just do.
  5. I love his hair – whether long, as it is now and I can run my fingers through his hair, or short and shaven, I love his hair.
  6. I love the strength I feel in his legs.
  7. I love the vein he has behind his one ear.
  8. Did I mention how much I love his smile?
  9. I love that knowing look he gives me sometime when we’re debating something – and then I know that nothing I say will change his mind, because he already knows – or thinks he already knows…J!
  10. And I love his manly bits – oh, come on people, this is a blog about sex – you didn’t think that would come into it, now did you.  Good thing this blog is anonymous.  But, I do – I keep finding myself looking there whenever he is in the shower.

See how easy it was to come up with 10 – and I haven’t even touched on his sense of humour, his intellect, or work ethic, his being a good husband and father, being a good provider in what has proven to be rather difficult financial circumstances, or any of that yet…


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