To my darling, Baby Girl

Cover of "God Loves You (Little Blessings...
Cover of God Loves You (Little Blessings)

10 October 2013

To my darling, Baby Girl

What a beautiful young girl you are.  You make your Dad and I so proud – you are gentle, and caring, and loving and strong.  And boy can you be strong.  And funny.

What I see when I look at you is a little girl who loves life, who has such a curious nature and who can come up with the most amazing arguments and can negotiate herself into or out of any situation that may arise.  But, I also see a gentle a little soul who needs protecting and lots of love – look after yourself, my sweetheart.  Don’t ever let the world destroy or hurt that beauty inside of you.  It may be hard, but I can also see in you the strength to always remain to true to who God created you to be.

And I see someone who can achieve all their wildest dreams – but remember, no matter what you want in life, it always takes lots of patience and plenty of hard work.  Today, we live in a culture of instant gratification, but anything worthwhile in life takes lots of hard work, patience and complete dedication.  I hope you always remember that.  And I hope and pray that your Dad and I can teach you that.

Anyway, my sweet darling, you are growing up so quickly and I really want to keep you small and savour every moment of every day with you.  You are that precious to your Dad and I.

The other day, you had this very earnest conversation with me (yes, I had to laugh):

Mommy, I don’t want to turn five. I want to stay four forever. So, please tell Daddy to tell the Birthday Ambulance to not bring me anymore birthdays. I just want to be four forever… I only want Christmas, no birthdays…” 

Yeah, I loved that one.  And then of course I love the fact that after your first cousin Emily was born, you now have a big giraffe called Emily, a little giraffe called Emily, and second cousin called Emily and on Sunday you were given a toy at Mike’s Kitchen that you aptly named, Lucky Bear Emily…  I guess you really like that name.  I’m very perceptive like that.

All jokes aside, though, you are also very perceptive.  Your gentle little soul lets you see when someone is sad and you promptly give them a love.  But I love that with all your gentleness and kindness, you are strong.  You never allow anyone else to take away the toys you are playing with, and if you have a problem that you are not happy with or don’t know how to resolve, you immediately come to your Dad or I for assistance.  You seem to have this intuitive knowledge of what you can deal with and what you should bring to us for help.  And we are only too happy to help.

You have such a good head on your shoulders – and you have what many people are lacking, common sense.  For example, when you were learning to walk, you used to hold your arms up on either side for balance.  I have never seen another kid do something like that before.  And I am now teaching you to bathe yourself (yes, at four) and I was wondering how you would manage to wash your back and feet.  But, no problem to you, you figured out quite a nifty way that now has me washing my feet and back the same way.  You have a good head on your shoulders – don’t let too much TV deaden your sharpness to life.

I also really like the fact that your diet is so amazingly perfect for you.  If you are full, you don’t eat.  If you are hungry, nothing can stop you from eating.  Even with sweets, if you are full, you’ll come to me and ask me to put the rest aside until later.  You’ll never just eat for the sake of eating.  And that, I pray more than anything, you will hold onto all through life.  Eat if you’re hungry.  Stop when you are full.  Always eat real food first, and if you’re still hungry or peckish, then have something sweet.  It’s the simplest and healthiest way to eat and you’ll always maintain a good healthy weight that way.

I’ve learnt so much from you, from who you are and although I want to keep you small forever, I am really looking forward to seeing the beautiful young woman you’ll become one day.  I am excited to meet you every day.  And yes, I know you’ll go through the rebellious teen years where you need to find yourself, and break the apron strings from me, and I am dreading those years.  But, I also know that you know who you are, and you know that your Dad and I love you more than anything.  So, I know you’ll sail through those years quite easily and always keep true to yourself.

Never, ever forget how much we love you.  And every decision we make, we make because we believe it to be the best for you, and for us as a family.

And never, ever forget how much God loves you.  He created you.  He gave His son to die for you.  He is an amazing, loving God who totally adores you.  In fact, He loves you more deeply than what your Dad and I ever could.  I find that hard to imagine, but I know it to be true.

Thank you for being such an amazing little girl, just by being who you are.  And I know that there may be days in your life where you simply don’t feel amazing.  Well, those days are perfectly normal and all you need to do is to simply believe – no matter what it is that you feel.

All my love,

Your darling mother…


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