A feeling of appreciation!

Sometimes I think I am emotionally broken.  I don’t feel things as easily as I should – or think that I should.  I think things – and I am working on thinking the correct things, but to feel those things?  Not always so easy for me… And I think that is where I am going… Continue reading A feeling of appreciation!


A friend once told me, way back when I was in college, that God often deals with issues like the layers of an onion.  And keeps dealing with them until there is nothing left to peel away. Lately, my mind has been in the wild, ecstatic throes of passionate negative thinking.  And negative thinking can be addictive.… Continue reading Thoughts

My biggest fear and my small aha moment!

My biggest fear and my small aha moment! As you know, I have embarked on a lengthy journey in my life to improve my attitude and negative thinking, and negative self-talk – to learn to believe in myself, my husband, my family and to exercise a little faith in how well life can turn out… Continue reading My biggest fear and my small aha moment!