100 Things….

After my last post “For my husband“, I started thinking, what else in my life am I truly grateful for.  What is there that I like, love, adore and simply cannot do without? Well, here’s my list: My husband My Baby Girl My home My Dogs My Mommy Skype – so I can chat to… Continue reading 100 Things….

For my husband…

  We have been having a horrendous time with Baby Girl the last two nights.  She’s got an ENT infection, with mucous in her lungs and well, she’s gone a little mutant with not feeling well.  I honestly take my hat off to single moms – because I don’t know how I would cope without my… Continue reading For my husband…

What is my blog about?

Everything. Seriously, I will blog about politics, religion, movies, family life, personal issues – anything that grabs me at any point in time.  Today, I am blogging about my blog. It is mostly about Baby Girl and how she has completely changed our lives.  Shame, she is not feeling well at the moment and I… Continue reading What is my blog about?

Who do I love more?

I’ve just read a very interesting blog on motherhood versus being a wife.  What is more important to you? The blog is entitled “Marriage versus Motherhood” and tells of an author, Ayelet Waldman, who published an essay in the New York Times about valuing her marriage more than being a mother.  This essay apparently caused huge… Continue reading Who do I love more?

Defining ourselves, intimately

  Yesterday, we spoke about defining ourselves in terms of nationality, culture and religion.  Today, I’d like to take the concept of defining ourselves a little more intimately.  We all have definitions of ourselves – or ways we perceive ourselves to be.  Some are accurate – I am short (there isn’t a lot of leeway… Continue reading Defining ourselves, intimately