Family Gratitude!

This past weekend we celebrated my Dad’s 75th birthday… and for the first time in a very long time, my entire family (sans my mom) spent some time together.  It was awesome – we were reminded why we don’t like each other and also reminded why we love each other.  And we all laughed and chatted and it was wonderful.  It was weird doing all this family stuff and having family photos taken without my mom – but it is what it is.  My youngest brother did talk to her and tell her all about the festivities going on so that she doesn’t see anything on Facebook and feel hurt.  But, even though they have been divorced for almost 17 years, it still doesn’t feel right to not have my mom at family functions (or not have my dad when it’s at my mom’s place).  Just doesn’t feel normal.

Anyway, I am most grateful to have spent time with my Dad and both my brothers – that Baby Girl got to spend time with her uncles and her cousins (and she had a great time)…

I am also grateful for his kindness – all the years when I was told what a monster he was, he actually turned out to be the kindest and most loving.  I wish we were closer when I was growing up, but I am so grateful for what we do have now.

I don’t know how many years my Dad still has with us – or how many years I have – but it was awesome just to have such a special moment with him.

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