To my darling, Baby Girl.

You have no idea how proud your Dad and I are of you right now.  A little while ago, you came across an article in one of the old magazines lying around the house of a little girl who suffers from Progeria – she’s an 11-year old little girl living in a 60-year old body.  I don’t know why this story captivated your heart so much.  But, you asked your Dad and I so many questions relating to this little girl’s life – questions that your Dad and I did our best to answer – that eventually I said to you that you should make a card, and I will post it to the magazine to send onto the little girl.

And this you duly did.

Which I duly followed up with…

And we got a very grateful email from her mom – to say thank you for the lovely card, and fond wishes.

What I am proud of you though, is that you saw someone with a need and felt such compassion in your little heart that you had to reach out.  You have been so worried that she may be experiencing bullying at school, or that she may have food allergies which won’t help her illness, or that she may have too much sugar or that she can’t eat cake (all of which I am sure her mother will take great pains in giving her only the very best), but that you could comprehend some of the difficulties she may experience in her life without having met her.  And then reached out to her.  

I am also so proud of the fact that you have prayed for her – because prayer is the most powerful weapon we have to handle this life and to prepare us for the next.

Hold onto your kindness and compassion – don’t ever let the world take that away from you.  It’s just too precious.  Remember, people will always remember how you made them feel, so treat them with kindness and compassion so they will have fond and good memories of you.

Have courage.  Be kind.

Love you,

Baby Girl


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