I. Am. Loved!

There is this dawning realisation that is creeping into my brain – a realisation that I have long been fighting because I do not deem myself worthy.

But, it is there.

It is like the tenderness before dawn, as the sky gently lightens in colour and hews of pink, gold and yellow paint the sky.

Like the gentle rose bud before bloom.

I don’t deem myself as being worthy and I keep asking why, why me?

But, I am.

I am loved.  Deeply, totally and completely.  By God directly and by God through the love and kindness of my husband and my daughter.  I am loved.  Even when I am anxious, and grumpy, and sad and just downright miserable – I am still loved.

God loves me.  All of me.  Every nook and cranny of my soul, my being and all of who I am.  God loves me.

I have no need to fear or hide myself away – I can live in peace and kindness; being confident in who I am.  God loves me.

I am so grateful that in my deepest darkest moments, God’s light can shine and let me know that no matter what I am going through, I am loved.  Whether on my own or with family, I am loved.  Whether happy or sad, I am loved.  It is the most freeing, liberating thing to know…  I never need walk in fear again, because I am loved.

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