Gratitude Mondays

Gratitude for Good Health

I haven’t blogged in about three weeks.  I have had tracheaitus, which I think was actually bronchitis, but I have not been well.  Of course, being ill, comes with its drawbacks – not only have I NOT blogged, but I haven’t been running, reading or doing pretty much of anything.  And I have been grumpy and miserable.

But, my little hiatus from blogging has given me some room for thought:

Barring the odd cough and cold and winter spluttering here and there, hubby, Baby Girl and I are actually quite healthy.  And for that, I am truly grateful.  Yes, Baby Girl has torn two ligaments in her ankle, and broken her ankle bone, but she is healthy – and in good spirits.  Hubby battles “fitness” asthma (yes, that’s a term), but he is fit and healthy.  I have had whatever the last two weeks, but generally I am fit and healthy.

Dear Lord – I thank you and praise you that you are the God of abundance and blessings, and I thank you for the good healthy of my family.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

So, today, I am going for my first run in about three weeks – slow and easy – but I have missed it and I am looking forward to getting out there again.

May you have a gratitude filled week…

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