Lady Grumpypants!

Okay, I have borrowed the name from a friend of mine, who uses the Lady Grumpypants moniker for her own writing.  The reason why I am using it now is because that is exactly how I felt all weekend.  I was so bad that when Baby Girl pulled her earing skew and it started bleeding, I shouted at her.  Yes, highly strung much?  Noooo…..  Yes.

I have felt tired, dragged down, overwhelmed and just plain grumpy.  And I wanted to stay feeling grumpy – I really didn’t feel like getting out of my frump.

But, when I woke up this morning, I realized I haven’t spent any time in gratitude.  Oh, I have quickly mouthed off the words – thank you, Lord, for this and thank you, Lord, for that…  But I haven’t truly felt gratitude in my heart for a very long time.  And if I am not filling my heart with love and gratitude, I am quite sure the world will find other things to fill it with.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and decided NOT to be Lady Grumpypants at all anymore.  I am going to be Lady Lovelypants instead.  Well, okay, I’m going to try – what always gets to me, time and time and time again, is that I KNOW THIS.  I know how important it is to focus on gratitude, but then I get busy, my daughter calls four times during what must be the coldest winter night we’ve had thus far, the dogs need to go out, but they’re too cold too, I can’t sleep and I have to get up extra early to fetch a friend’s child for holiday care and still try make work on time…  Grumpy.  Grumpy..  Grumpy…

  • I am grateful that hubby and I are busy – we’re working hard and reap the rewards for that hard work.
  • I am grateful that my daughter knows she can rely on me when she is feeling afraid, that I am her safe place that she feels comfortable enough to call for me when she needs to (as a child, I was too scared to call – even when I really needed to).
  • I am grateful for the winter and the rain that we have had – cold for the cuddling, and rain to nurture the very dry ground in what is one of the severest droughts we have had in a many a-year.
  • I am grateful for our two dogs who bring love and laughter to our lives.
  • I am grateful that my friend trusts me enough to fetch her daughter, and that her and Baby Girl had great giggles in the car on the way to holiday club.

There – now that’s a much better view of things, isn’t it???? 🙂

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