To my darling, Baby Girl

Today you turn 8.  I cannot believe where the time has gone, and I still remember so vividly, so clearly the morning of your birth: a freezing, cold, blustery day, pouring with rain.  I remember getting up early and your Dad driving me to the hospital and turning on the radio only to hear that Michael Jackson has passed away.  I cannot believe that it was eight years ago…

And my darling, you have brought such love, laughter and light to our lives.  Having you was the best thing your dad and I have ever done.  I love your quirky sense of humour, I love your smile, I love how strong and independent you are.  I love to see how wonderfully you’re growing and what an amazing little human you are.

The last eight years have been tough – I never thought I could survive on as little sleep as what I have, or be able to handle a crying baby who cried for about two years straight, or figure out feeding, and nappies, and how to cut nails…  Motherhood stretches you in ways you would never think possible.

And you cope because you have to!

But, you know what?  I wouldn’t change one minute of it for anything in all the world.

You, my darling, are a breath of fresh air to our lives, and you have taught me about the kid of woman and mother I want to be.  I am so, so very proud of you and will always love you – no matter what.

Right to the moon and back! ❤


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