Look back – Forget Not His Benefits, O My Soul

I am, at the moment, busy working my way through a lovely little book called Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild.  It’s a delightful book, full of wisdom, and wonderful advice on how to control your thoughts.  This has been a long journey for me and I suspect I will be on this journey right until the very day I die.

But, at one point in the book Jennifer asks the reader to list what God has done for them.  This is what I put down:

Look back – Forget Not His Benefits, O My Soul – 8

  1. I remember God’s goodness. How, when I thought I would never get married and nobody would ever want me, I not only did marry, but I married someone who loved me so much, and truly wants to be with me.  I had never had that before.  Not like this.

  2. I remember God’s goodness in when I trusted Him – since actually making that decision to trust Him completely, I have never, not once, actually choked or made a fool of myself. 

  3. Whenever I wake up feeling afraid, or I just can’t sleep, I start reciting verses over and over… This is not something I would do on my own.  I truly believe it is the Holy Spirit prompting me to fill my mind with God’s truth. 

  4. When I didn’t think I’d get past my past, God has given me a present filled with love, laughter and amazing people.

  5. When I didn’t think I’d get over my hang-ups from my family background, I have a family now that is healthy, functional and full of fun and love.

  6. When I didn’t think I could live a full life, I am enjoying my life.   I even have a pedigree dog and I run.  Two things before I’d never have done…

  7. When I thought I would be on Paxil for the rest of my life, I am learning to re-think my thoughts and have been off Paxil for a couple of years now.

  8. When I was nervous to go to Cape Town over December, not only did I have a great time, we ate out together a few times during the week we were there. It was amazing. 

  9. When I was nervous for my Parkrun (50th) it turned out to be one of the best Saturday mornings I have had in a long time.

  10. Every time – every single time – I feel nervous about something, for whatever reason, God has come through for me. In fact, I can’t think of a single time where I felt anxious where God didn’t come through for me.  There were times when I did choke, but I wasn’t trusting God.  I was trying to sort out in my own strength and literally run away from it.  I wasn’t turning to God, I was hiding away.  Now that I am turning to God, He has never, ever let me down.  I am so grateful to be a Christian and to belong to God.

  11. When I didn’t think I’d ever have friends or girlie time, I have wine club, book club and friends through school and work. Some may not be lifelong friends, or deep friends, but they are people I can connect with.

  12. When I didn’t think we’d get through that awful breakdown after Baby Girl’s birth, we have come through it and we are still here; still standing strong.

  13. When I doubt or am thinking along the lines of incorrect thinking – a passage from Joyce Meyers, or a book, or a reading, or something comes along my path to correct me (just like today about regrets of the past and dread of the future). Always a coincidence?  I think not…

  14. When I thought marriage would be hard, God gave us nine years of awesomeness, and then a few to strengthen us. Our honeymoon years were amazing!

  15. When I thought I would hate this job, I actually enjoy it – very much. It’s great to use my brain, and work in an environment that I enjoy.

How awesome is that?  Without even thinking – okay, for number 15 I had to think and I wanted another point because I wanted a “round” number.  OCD, much, anyone??? 🙂 But, I was delighted with how quickly I could recall all of the ways God has come through for me.  And I am sure that there are many, many more ways I can’t even think of…

Thank you, Lord, that I can trust you and that you have never, ever let me down.  Thank you!

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