Living in a Cage!

To my darling, Baby Girl

Just this last couple of days I have had an epiphany about my childhood.  You see, you know that child that was always nasty, mean, hiding their toys and chocolates and sweets so scared someone was going to take it.  I hid myself way from the world – because I was scared.  You see, I was that buffer between my parents every time they argued.  (And they argued a lot.)  I was there to validate my mother and her panic attacks.  I was never there to grow up into the girl God created me to be.  

Just these last few days however, I’ve sensed that I am coming out of that cage, and I’m starting to feel and experience God’s love and that in Him I am safe.  As the word says, “In Him I live and move and have my being…”.  There is no need to attack the world anymore in order to protect myself, there is no need to be afraid, there is no need to hide away, because in Jesus, I am safe, loved and accepted.  Because I am loved, I can embrace my husband and my life as gifts from God. I can embrace God who loves me completely.  I can trust in who God created me to be.  I can trust God will always guide me saying, “Here is the path.”  I can trust that God has created me fearfully and wonderfully.

My daughter never allow anyone or anything to put you in cage – not literally, and not metaphorically.  You are free because you are loved.  And because you are loved, you are free – to be you, to be who God created you to be, to live to your full potential.  Don’t allow anything – especially yourself (we often can be our own worst enemies) – to put fear into your heart.  Just trust, my love, it will all work out in the end, because God has our backs.

I love you so much my darling child.  I feel blessed and honoured that you get to call me mom!

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