Gratitude Mondays – Nothing to do!

We had nothing planned for this weekend.  And I mean nothing, nada, niks…  And I was quite happy about that.  Sometimes, you just need that weekend where you can potter about, relaxing, reading, watching TV (sleeping…)

But, from a “we’ve got nothing planned” weekend, to this:

  • We invited people over on Friday night – very last-minute, but it felt great to know that we can still be spontaneous.
  • Then on Saturday, early morning, a friend WhatsApp’d me to find out if her daughter can come for a play date.  So, Baby Girl had a friend around for the afternoon, and…
  • Also very last-minute – we were invited to a braai at a friend’s house.  So, wonderful to know that we can at last break the mould of routine and be spontaneous.  Almost our entire wine club were there, and we had a fantastic time.
  • Then yesterday, hubby went to go cycle, and the next thing I know, we get this SMS.  We’re joining another group of friends for a morning brunch/breakfast.  And I’m like, okay…

It was wonderful.  We got to socialize with people we haven’t seen in a while, and we got to chat and our darling little Baby Girl actually got to swim the whole day yesterday.  We don’t have a pool at home, so that was a rare treat for her.  And her hair turned green from the chlorine so she had to sit with tomato paste on her hair for five minutes when we got home.

But, I am so grateful for such an awesome weekend spent with family and friends.  To socialise with my husband and daughter and to have such an amazing time.  Okay, there only point of stress was when our puppy licked my toast (last night) and I had to get up and make new toast (I love her dearly, but sharing food that she’s licked is just a little beyond me…)

Thank you, Lord, for this amazing weekend.  Great weather, great food, great company – but most of all: a great family – my husband and daughter.

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