How you have grown!

Every Thursday I write Baby Girl a letter – 
I want her to know she is loved, and precious!

To my darling, Baby Girl

I cannot believe that this year you will be turning 8.  You have grown into such a beautiful and kind young lady.  Your Dad and I are extremely proud of the person you are.  I am far less worried about your grades, and what type of success you have in life, than I am about you being happy and what kind of person you are.  And while you still have another 12 years to worry about grades and what you will one day do with your life, I am so proud to see you being the kind, courageous and beautiful little girl that you are.  I am also so very proud to see you being strong and happy – happy and laughing

That’s our family motto – happy and laughing.  And you do bring so much joy, happiness and laughter to our lives.  But, you are also feisty and strong and those are qualities I very much admire in you.

Something I saw on TV the other day really caught my eye – In Desperate Survivor they were speaking about being the Warrior Family.  I really like that – your Dad and I have been through some really tough times – financially and otherwise – and we keep on fighting on.  And you have that same spirit of tenacity – I like to think of you as the Warrior Princess, I’m the Warrior Queen and your Dad is the Warrior King.  By the grace of God, we keep on keeping on.

Whenever you are afraid, or don’t know what to do, always remember who you are: you are kind and brave and strong.  You are the Warrior Princess!

I love you, my Darling.

Your mom!

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