Making the Soul Shift Happen

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My last blog post focused about how if you truly want change, there needs to be shift deep in your soul to allow that change to concretely take place in your life.  But, how do we make that soul-shift change?

And here’s the thing – I don’t think we can do it on our own.  Because, very often, soul-shifts can be negative.  Often, people will experience some sort of trauma in their lives – be it a car accident, divorce, death, whatever it may be – and experience a personality adjustment to help them cope with this trauma.  A personality adjustment that can have lasting effects and repercussions on the themselves and the people around them.  People may start drinking or taking drugs, or be filled with anxiety or fear.  One of the biggest changes, and it is a gradual change to the detriment of the person is fear, anxiety…

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