Winning. And losing. And somewhere in between!

Every Thursday I write Baby Girl a letter – I want her to know she is loved, and precious!

To my darling, Baby Girl

Tomorrow is your school gala and recently you said to me that you never win anything.  And it is so hard when others always seem to win, always seem to get the spots, are more naturally gifted, seem to have unfair advantages…  It is hard.  And while I would so dearly love for you to win, I also know that some of the other kids in your grade are already swimming squad and I don’t want to set you up for disappointment.  Some of the other kids – I know for a fact – get to swim two or three times a week, and they have swimming pools at home.  You only get to swim once a week and we don’t have a pool.  And yet – if your Dad and I were financially flush, and you had these opportunities, I know that you would be an excellent swimmer.  

But, at the end of the day – it isn’t about winning or losing, or what opportunity we have versus what someone else has – it boils down to this:

It’s about enjoying what you do and doing it to the very best of your ability.  Even if you come last…  It’s about never giving up!

And I hope you understand that.  You’re only seven, as much as what I would love for you to win a race, I am far more concerned about you having fun, and quite simply doing the best that you can – and never allowing yourself to give up.  You will never win anything, or get anywhere, if you give up.  You’re still figuring out what you enjoy, where you belong, what you want to do…  I think its awful that some parents push their kids so hard to achieve, to accomplish, to win – and those kids don’t even know themselves yet, or have fun, or just be a kid.  And that, my darling, is what I want for you: to know yourself, have fun and to just be a kid.

The world is very competitive, and the way you handle the pressures is by truly knowing who you are.  I hope that your Dad and I can gift you with that knowledge.

Whatever happens tomorrow, or in any future race, no that I love you and I am so very, very proud of you!

The Baby Mama

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