Grade 2

To my darling, Baby Girl

You have just started Grade 2 and I can’t believe how grown up you are.  You are maturing into a beautiful young lady and your Dad and I are so, so proud of you.

You were so grumpy on the day school started last week, telling me that you can’t see why you have to go to school and why you can’t just stay at home.  Very funny my child – we, as your parents, are legally obligated to educate you and you are very privileged attending one on of the most prestigious schools in Port Elizabeth.  I hope you will have some very happy memories of your school days.  It is so important to your Dad and I that you have happy memories of your childhood.  Memories of fun, happiness and laughter.  We are working very hard to make that happen for you.  Well, not just for you, but for us as well.  A happy, healthy and fun family unit – that is what we’re striving for.

I can’t believe that just last year you were so scared to go to big school in case you couldn’t read, and now you’re reading everything (in fact, I think I need to start hiding my tablet away from you…:-)

You excel at your words and your numbers, but being creative is the most amazing part.  I have the creativity of a stone and to see you create worlds in the most amazing ways: you’ve created a room for your Barbie inside an old cupboard and in there you have put a bed, a stool, a cupboard, a brush, even a puppy to play with.  I love how your mind works – and I love what you’re teaching me about life, about love, about who I can be as your mom and as my own person.

I’ve often said to your Dad that I think the best gift we can ever give you is the gift of knowing yourself.  I don’t care if you become a scientist, a doctor, a stay-at-home mom – as long as you’re being true to who God created you to be.  It is tough finding that line of guiding you and loving you as I think you need to be loved (because we can only ever love from our own perspectives) and letting you just be you.

I hope you will always know who you are – that you will remember that you are a child of God, a child of the most high King, who died for you because of His intense love for you.  In the lonely days, the scary days, the confused days, the dark days – of which there will be many – always, always remember who you are.  There will be lonely days, scary days, confused days, and dark days because it’s just life and Jesus never promised us an easy life.  But, we can learn and grow and become more like Christ and our lives will be more fulfilling and rewarding as a result.  

We just have to trust Him.

No matter where the path leads, or where we are, or how grim things seem – you need to trust God.  He is the Blessed Controller and He knows what He is doing.

You have such an amazing sense of humour – you constantly make your Dad and I laugh.  For Christmas, Father Christmas bought you a karaoke radio and you loved it.  The next thing you just start beat-boxing and you were exceptionally good for a little girl who had never done that before.

You do hip-hop which you love, and Modern, and you have asked if you can start ballet as well.  I always wanted to dance.  I wasn’t even worried about competitions or anything, I just wanted to dance.  And I feel a sense of awe seeing you dance and I feel so proud, so happy, that I can give you something I never had.  

Now in Grade 2, you’re continuing with your chess, but you have also joined the choir.  I could never sing – well, I was never taught how to sing.  So, again, I feel grateful, even humbled, that I can give you the opportunity at something that I never had.

Words here cannot describe how your mind works – I wish I could capture it somehow.  To give you an example, when we visited your cousins in Cape Town, and they came around for dinner – before they even arrived, you had put a blanket out, and the Cousins 3 were going to have a picnic.  No one told you to do that – you just did it.  I love how you plan, and think, and conceptualise ideas.  My darling, I think that you will go so much further than I have gone in life if you stick to who you are – always remember; never forget and never allow anyone to lead astray and from the path of life God has set out for you.

I am looking forward to seeing what this year will teach you and I am looking forward to seeing you grow into the amazing little Baby Girl that you are.

I love you my darling – and I am humbled and grateful that God has giving me such an amazing daughter.  Daily do I think Him for you and for your Dad.

May God’s richest blessings always be yours.

Your mom – The Baby Mama.

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