Evaluating your Year – 2016

Evaluating your Year – 2016

Whilst on holiday, I read a blog post from Jennifer at Unveiled Wife, and I really liked the idea.  The idea is to look at your year last year and give a brief evaluation of how your year went.  I think, overall, I had a really good year last year.  I saw some answers to prayers that I did not expect, and lots of growth on my part.


January started with me still being on leave and being so nervous for Baby Girl starting her first year of big school.  Fortunately I had bought all her uniform requirements and stationery the year before and just needed to get her some school shoes.  She settled into Grade 1 beautifully and was quite happy to start big school.  Yes, I did cry – it is so sad to see them go off into the big world (fortunately, I had my sunglasses on).  Hubby and I also celebrated 16 years of marriage.  It was wonderful.


February I ran my first 10 km road race.  There is no fear of me ever coming first, or winning anything, but I didn’t walk (at all) and I didn’t come last.  And more importantly, I didn’t feel like I was dying afterwards.


In March Baby Girl wanted to quit Hip Hop.  She felt completely overwhelmed by the new moves and was actually quite scared that she couldn’t do it.  I knew she could do it and didn’t want her to just quit.  It took quite a bit of encouragement to have her continue, for the term, but then she did eventually quit at the end of the school term.  I still continued to do the Park Run every week.


April brought about Easter celebrations and another trip to Cape Town.  And this was amazing, because hubby and I got to spend the day together (just the two of us) and we had lunch together at this beautiful little café.  Now, you know I have (had) some very serious anxious associations with eating out and yet there was none of that.  It was just such a delightful lunch.


May brought about the start of the second term and the start of winter.  Although here, we can have beautiful hot and summer right up into and including June.  July and August is when we start getting ugly weather.  My dad still encourages me with the Park Run and he runs in rain or sun and encourages me all the way.  I also ran my first 15 km run.  It was so tough, and I walked the last two kilometers.  I didn’t feel bad though, as it was a very tough run.


June brought about Baby Girl’s seventh birthday.  We had a pizza party for her even though at this stage she didn’t eat pizza (she does now though).  We weren’t going to have a party for her this year, but her two cousins from Cape Town came to visit and as they had never yet attended a party for her, it was great to have them there.  Baby Girl had a great time and loved her cousins visiting her home.

It was also Baby Girl’s dance concert at the Opera House and when Baby Girl saw the dance that the Hip Hop girls had to do, she realised that she could actually do it.  She then asked to start Hip Hop again in the new term.


July brought about the start of the third term, and Baby Girl doing Hip Hop again.  This time taking it slowly and learning to believe in herself.  Hubby and I are tired and really needing a stronger support system.  Hubby is training for his Transbaviaans race and I’m still doing Park Run.


Things just tiding themselves over – Baby Girl is doing really well at school although I resent the amount of homework that she gets.  She handles it so well and I am really, really proud of her.


September brought about my birthday and although there were no great celebrations, it was one of the nicest birthdays I have had.  I just really enjoyed my day and time with my family.  Hubby, true to form, spoilt me amazingly.  I got money from my dad and hubby’s parents which I used to sign up for Boot Camp.  I could not believe how nervous I was to go, but I eventually plucked up the courage – and landed up loving it…


Baby Girl now has to go to dance twice a week to prepare for exams and has put added pressure on our already very tight schedule.  Yet, somehow we managed to make it work and when she did her exams in November, she got an excellent result.


I am feeling tired and cannot wait for the end of the year.  I cannot wait to stop packing bags, making lunch, checking homework, cleaning house and working a full day.  I’ve stopped blogging and reading my blogs and looking at Facebook as a fast for God to answer our financial prayers.  There have definitely been some answers and I feel excited about what God has in store.  I’ve hurt my back at Boot Camp and cannot go back until I’ve seen a Chiropractor which I can only do in the New Year when our new medical aid benefits have kicked in.  Baby Girls dance exams results came back that she has so much potential and such great rhythm – for Hip Hop.  I’m so glad she started again.


Can’t wait to finish work – and we’re off to Cape Town on holiday.  It has been one of the nicest holidays we have ever had.  Not only did hubby run two Park Runs with me, we had three breakfasts, two lunches and other meals in-between together.  Just the two of us… we got to chat and just spend time together.  Baby Girl was playing with her cousins and we got to spend some quality time together.  I am so grateful to have had such a good holiday.

Father Christmas bought Baby Girl a Karaoke machine.  She loved it – she was even beat boxing for a while and was actually quite good.

I am very, very grateful to have had such a good 2016 year albeit a busy and hectic year.  I thank the good Lord for keeping us safe and for growing my heart and my mind to honour Him more fully.

This year, 2017, I would like to continue to focus on gratitude on this blog (babymamasblog.wordpress.com) – and of course, Baby Girl’s antics, losing weight and getting fit and healthy on my onefootforward.wordpress.com blog, focusing all that I am learning about love, marriage and relationships and honouring God and my husband at my thefragranceofmarriage.wordpress.com blog (check out my word for 2017 – being a faithful wife).

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