The Father of all Lies

Still learning this lesson. Thoughts are fluid and flow in and out of our minds. It was more the decision to believe every single thought that came into my mind and then sit and wonder why I feel so down, so negative and so anxious.

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To my love,

On Sunday you mentioned how much our marriage has changed – and that has resulted in the often high levels of stress and tension between the two of us.  And so, the whole of Sunday and Monday (I even dreamt about this on Sunday night), I have thought of writing to you, because – to me – the major change in our relationship has been because of all the anxiety and panic attacks I experienced a little while ago.  It’s like this big white elephant that we know walked through our marriage, but we don’t ever discuss it.  And I don’t like to talk about it, because, well, because I am ashamed and embarrassed of that time.  I know how damaging that was – to me, to us, to our family.  And I was going to call this little (or perhaps really long – you know me)…

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2 thoughts on “The Father of all Lies

  1. Still learning the lesson. There are so many lies in my life – like I can’t lose weight, I can’t eat healthily, I’ll never get past this. But, God came to give us victory – either in this life or the next. So, I will get past this – either in this life or the next.


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