Ashamed to be South African!

I have no idea if you know about the troubles in South Africa with the #feesmustfall campaign.  Now, I have no issue with protests – if something is wrong, and the government isn’t taking a stand to correct the issue, then we need to make the government listen.  It’s not the protests in and of itself… Continue reading Ashamed to be South African!

Intimacy – Practice — The Fragrance of Marriage!

I remember when my daughter started to walk. She was just over a year, and she so desperately wanted to walk. She would take a step, fall, take another step, fall… Thankfully she usually just fell on her padded bottom so she didn’t get hurt. Learning to walk took practice – lots of it. I […]… Continue reading Intimacy – Practice — The Fragrance of Marriage!

I’m embarrassed!

This is an email I sent to hubby this morning regarding Baby Girl: Hey, I just wanted to explain where I am coming from with regards to Baby Girl.  I am worried about her at the moment – she needs to learn how to interact with others; and not just friends but making new friends at… Continue reading I’m embarrassed!