One Foot Forward

If you have been reading either one of my blogs (Baby Mama’s Blog and Fragrance of Marriage) you will realise that I have four goals, prayers, desires in my life:

Now, I have always had four prayers:

  1. That God would protect and nurture my marriage;
  2. That God would aid our financial situation and provide for us according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus;
  3. That God would be with and guide our little girl that she will know that even though she is an only child, God is always with her and He will always love her and be with her;
  4. That God will help me to eat healthily, lose weight and exercise.

I know that my fears and anxieties pertaining to my marriage are solely from my own background and my parent’s divorcing when I came back from honeymoon, smiling.  I know that in my marriage I firstly need to honour God, but secondly that I can only ever control myself.  I can work on me, and hope and pray that my husband works on what he needs to – but I can’t force it.  My control in my marriage resides only in controlling me and what I am learning and doing and focusing on.

For our financial situation, both my husband and I lost our jobs in a very short space of time (within a few years of each other) and we have never recovered financially.  Short of buying lotto tickets every week, there is very little I can do about our financial situation… except to trust God.  His word says He will provide everything we need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.  So, in God will I trust.

For Baby Girl, her life path is already written by the creator of the Heavens and the Earth.  I can’t shield her or protect her from life any more I can myself.  Life happens, and all I can really do is try preparing her the best way I know how, and quite simply just love her; become her safe place when life becomes overwhelming and frightening.

And finally – my weight and getting fit.  Now this IS something I can do something about – there are a whole lot of heart issues I need to get to grips with, but essentially my control over what I eat, how much I eat, and how much I exercise is far more in my control than any of the other prayers.  I am walking this path until I finally get there.

But our brain is plastic.  We can create new pathways + habits + patterns.  We can rewire our brain.  We can create a NEW default mode.  A mode that leads to more cheers + smiles + feelings of accomplishment.  Every action we take either moves us closer to — or farther away from our goals and a more fulfilling life.  What if we chose to stop giving the missteps and so-called “screw ups” so much of our attention?  What if we chose to consciously shine a light on the successes?  How might our lives transform?  I’m in the midst of a personal experiment.  Earlier this week, I started keeping what I call a Towards Journal.  It’s simply a list of every action I’ve taken that propels me towards what I want for myself in life.  In other words — the actions I take each day that are in line with my top values (connection, adventure, fitness, skilfulness, kindness).  The actions that make me feel proud + accomplished + fulfilled.  Now I’m only on day 4, BUT — I think I’m on to something you guys.  When we’re focusing on what we’ve done well, we go out of our way to create even more actions to add to the list.  Chickadee Weight Loss

And this is the motivation for my new blog – a focus on one foot forward towards my goals and desires; those things that are within my control – all the myriad of successes I have each day that I don’t even think about, a moving towards my goals – instead of focusing on all the negative, a moving away from…

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