To my darling Baby Girl

You’re seven!  Wow – such a big girl, full of bright ideas and a wonder at the world I wish I still had.  Last night I took you to your first football practice.  You loved it.  You played so well and you had such fun, you were amazing.  But, when we got there – and there were only boys, you were too shy to play.  Nothing I said or did could convince you to play until two of your friends from school arrived.  My darling, it is okay to feel shy – but that is not who you are.  You are strong, and feisty and ready to take on the world.  I see it in you – your dad sees it in you, and everyone who meets you loves you and sees what a strong and amazing young lady you are.

Always remember – you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.  Thanks Whinny Pooh for that, but it is true.  For all of us, but for you, too!  You are brave, and strong and smart!


Don’t ever forget this, my love.  It is true – you have an inner strength and a determination in you that will get things done, that will experience new things and such an awesome love of life that is quite simply infectious.

Trust yourself!

God has equipped you with every good thing to tackle this life and to live it well.  Don’t doubt – rather enjoy, love, laugh and most of all go out and have fun.  My darling, I want to tell you about the amazing little girl that you are.  You keep your father and me on our toes – with lots of love, laughter and affection.  We love your “little American girl” accent, and most recently you have added the “I’m Dracula” accent.  It is so good and so funny.  And the things you come up with keep your dad and me laughing.  We enjoy who you are, and the fun and laughter you’ve brought to our home and to our lives.

Thank you for being amazing, and kind, and wonderful – I am excited to see the life you live, just because I am excited about knowing you, and having you in my life.

You, my darling child, are loved – by me, by your dad and most importantly, by God.

You are loved.

Just simply for who you are.

This year has gone so quickly and already you are learning to read and write, and do your sums.  And you read exceptionally well, and your writing is beautiful.  Notice I didn’t say perfect – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to reflect the beauty of who you are.

I feel like I am gushing, but I never thought I’d be a mom.  And then to land up with you and to have a husband like your dad to love me – I feel blessed beyond words.  And I am so grateful to have you and your dad in my life, no letter can quite capture just how grateful I am.

I hope you enjoy the football my darling and that you keep playing, even if the other girls don’t always arrive.  Remember – you can’t hide from life.  You can either sit on the side lines, miss out or you can go out there and enjoy it anyway – even if you feel shy or insecure or slightly overwhelmed.

But, no matter what path in life you travel on, or where you go, or what friends you make – always remember that you are loved.

Forever yours,


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