Eat. Like Jesus did. Part 4.

Let your faith guide your conscience.

In essence our consciences are those parts of ourselves that tell us we’ve just done a very bad thing.  We can either listen to our conscience.  Or ignore it.  And feel very, very bad afterwards.  For most of us, we know quite clearly what the right thing to do is – especially when it comes to eating.  We all know to stay away from processed foods, high sugar intake, too much salt, to eat in moderation, to balance protein, carbs and veg.

But, we don’t do it.

Some have refused to let their faith guide their conscience and their faith has been destroyed like a wrecked ship.  1 Timothy 1:19

I know I don’t.  I try to eat as much as I can to assuage my fears and my desire for control.  But, I can never have control – there are too many variables in life – and my fears can only be soothed in Christ.

But, this is what I fear now – my faith is wanting to guide me through this process (gluttony is a sin, no matter what the motivation), or rather, God is wanting to guide me through this and I need my faith to follow Him.  I cannot get to the other side of this mess I created with my relationship to food and eating if I don’t have faith in God.  But, if every time I am faced with a situation in which I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I resort to eating – instead of walking it through with God – a point in time is going to come when my faith is going to be shipwrecked and can no longer carry me through.  We need to let our faith guide our consciences and move constantly closer to God and to move through our toxic thinking.  If we go against our consciences, against where our faith is guiding us, we will destroy what faith we have.

I don’t want that.

Keep on believing.  Do only what you know is right.  Some people have not done that and they have stopped believing.  1 Timothy 1:19 WE

For me to do what is right is to learn how to eat well – to eat as Jesus did.  Going against my faith, and ignoring my conscience, I fear will eventually lead to me ship-wrecking my faith.

God cannot continue to help me if I continue to move back to my place of anxiety and fear.  He cannot pull me through this if I choose to stay embedded in eating.  And I cannot continue to believe and have faith if I purposefully allow myself to fail so I can stay stuck where I am now.  Eventually my stuck-ness will prove to be permanent and my faith failing.

Faith and action go hand-in-hand.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that God will give up on us.  This isn’t about the good work God is doing in us – His word says that He will continue the good work began in us until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6 NIVbeing confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

This is more about us – about us going against our faith, by choosing not to follow through, about us choosing to stand in fear and anxiety instead of moving through in faith.  That is what corrupts faith.  If this is the path that I am on, and I am breaking down toxic thinking patterns and building Godly healthy thoughts, then I can’t just continue eating everything in sight.  My action and stance in life has to follow my faith – or I am going against my faith.

As believers we are instructed to cling to your faith, but we can choose to OBEY this instruction or we can choose to DISOBEY God’s Word.  As God’s children we either trust in the Word of God, and submit or yield to the Holy Spirit – in which case we are clinging to our faith in Christ, and keeping our consciences clear OR we do not trust God’s word, and grieve or quench the Holy Spirit – in which case we will violate our consciences, which will result in the shipwreck of our faith. … Oh, this does not mean that a believer whose faith is shipwrecked has lost his salvation, but it does mean that he has made a deliberate choice NOT to hold fast to his faith – by ignoring God’s will for his life – which is to live by grace through faith as outlined in Scripture.  How sad.

So, today, I am feeling wary – like this is some sort of test.  But, God doesn’t test us like this, He teaches us and guides us and shows us the way.  I pray I have the strength to listen to God – to stop eating when I am full, to push my plate aside until the anxiety is calmed, to eat slowly and to enjoy the occasion.  This is how Jesus would’ve eaten.  I pray that God would teach me to eat the same way.

I am grateful that God is with me on this journey – that no matter what fear or anxiety I have or feel, it doesn’t matter.  God is always by my side.

I am grateful that I am learning and growing so much in His grace.  Where would I be without him.

I am grateful that I am running again.  Third 5 km run this week and I am feeling great.  Tired, and my legs are sore, but great.

I am grateful that God loves me.

It’s settling in your soul, I was created by a God who formed me because He so very much-loved the very thought of me.  When I was nothing, He saw something and declared it good.  Very good.  And very loved. –

I am grateful that God loved me and saw me and declared that I was good.  Very Good.  And loved.

I have so much to be grateful for.

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