The Diet

08:00 – Meusli and Yoghurt
13:00 – lunch (left over supper)
15:00 – Snack
17:30 – Supper (now smaller portion – unless I’m really hungry)

Always moving in the right direction! ❤

Baby Mama's Blog

Cover of "I Get So Hungry" Cover of I Get So Hungry

As you may or may not know, I have seriously battled with my weight since having Baby Girl.  Well, actually all my life, and therein lies the issue.  Before having Baby Girl, I was always worried about being too skinny.  All the teasing and mind games from family and friends (well, so-called friends – just people I went to school with) convinced me that there was something wrong with me for being naturally skinny.  And I could never put on weight – no matter what I did.  It’s only now when I look back at photos that I realise I wasn’t too skinny – in fact, I was at the perfect weight.  Which has since been confirmed with my doctor and dietitian.  I am now overweight.  Not grossly obese, but I do look like I’m about five months pregnant.  Which when you’re not pregnant…

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