It’s a cold, cold day…

Winter has truly arrived.  I’ve been at work for an hour and a half, had my coffee and still I am waiting to warm up.  It’s like sitting inside a freezer for an hour or two.  For fun…  Seriously, it is cold and it doesn’t help that I have a sort throat, my eyes are watering like the Niagara falls, and I can’t stop sneezing.

Yes, I think I have the winter chills.

But, what an awesome weekend we had.  Baby Girl did a concert at the Opera House and I was so proud of her.  Not least because she wanted to quit at one stage and we had to do some serious encouragement to keep her going.  But, she did keep going and she danced beautifully.  And I must say – okay proud mom bragging here – but she can do the splits.  Perfectly.  I have never, ever in my life – even at her age – been able to do this splits.  I was quite impressed.

So, today, although I am feeling quite ill and my mind is distracted and all over the place because I am tired and my body is sore, I am grateful for:

  1. The love and support of my husband – he has been amazing in fetching and carting Baby Girl to and from rehearsals, and giving Baby Girl the support she needs to believe in herself.  I am grateful that my husband can support and love Baby Girl in a way that my own father never managed to get right with me.
  2. Baby Girl’s tenacity – she wanted to give up, and when we spoke to her about giving up and how important it is to hold on, she took the reigns with both hands so to speak and she held on.  And she had a really good concert.  Now, she wants to start hip-hop again in the new term.  Good for her…  I am grateful that where I would’ve been too shy or I would’ve just given up, Baby Girl saw it through – even when she wanted to give up.
  3. For time spent with my man – we attended the concert on Saturday night, but on Friday night after dropping Baby Girl off at the Opera House, we went out for drinks and just chatted the night away.  It was really awesome.  I am grateful for some time to touch base and just chat.
  4. I am grateful that we can walk through this life with God on our side – that we can trust Him every step of the way.
  5. I am grateful that today is a relative quiet day at work, and I can take things easy – relatively speaking.  Just sit at my desk and quietly try get over my cold.
  6. I am grateful that I cleared out Baby Girl’s room yesterday – through out about four black bags full of rubbish.  And I created a little library for Baby Girl in her cupboard – I just wanted a place to put her books, but she loved it.  She spent most of the afternoon in there reading her books.  I am grateful that I could do such a little thing for Baby Girl that she loved so much.
  7. I am grateful that we have cancelled our DSTV – and we are now on Netflix.  Awesome!  And my hubby arranged it all and set it up last night.  That man rocks!

I have so much to be grateful for.

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