In loving memory – 15.10.2000 to 18.01.2011

I really miss big dog some days – he was such a gentle soul and loved his family. Wish I could get a big cuddle from him right now in this cold, wet winter’s day.

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In loving memory to the most beautiful dog the world has ever known, I love you so much and your sudden departure yesterday has left a gaping hole in my world.  I want to thank you for all the love, joy and laughter you brought to our home, for the gentle way you looked after us, and nudged us when you wanted some loving.

I remember when we went to fetch you just outside Port Alfred, you sat on my lap all the way home to Port Elizabeth.  You just settled there – like you knew you belonged.  And you did.  I remember how frustrated I felt that you had – at one time – dug almost 70 holes in our back yard.  Now, I’d do anything to have you digging more holes.  You aged too quickly – we thought we had you for another couple of years.

There are so…

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