Why do I think I can’t, when I know I can?

My prayer is that my own daughter will look back with fond memories of her childhood.

Baby Mama's Blog

I find us human people a tad odd.  I suspect that we all do this to some degree or another, but my first reaction when confronted with any new situation is “I can’t”.  Not, I don’t want to, or I don’t know how, or I don’t have the time, but rather I can’t.  I remember my art teacher in primary school saying, “there is no such thing as can’t, everyone can – you just have to try”.  Oh, how I wish those words had made the long trip from my brain to my heart.

You may think I have mommy issues, and perhaps I do in a way, because so many of my posts have been a tad negative about mommy dearest, but the truth of the matter is that I love my mom very much.  I think that in becoming a mommy myself, a few issues have surfaced that I…

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