The cruelty of mothers…

I am reblogging some of my older posts – enjoy!

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Sleeping, male baby cat. Red hair.


My hubby’s sister speaks of the OlympicMoms – moms who are “my baby could speak fluent Russian at four months”, “my baby slept through at 8 weeks”, etc, etc (believe it or not, we actually had someone try tell us their baby could speak Russian fluently at four months.  We didn’t have kids back then, but we certainly didn’t have “gullible” written across our foreheads either.)

Anyway, moms can be the most supportive network you’ll find, because they understand so completely what you’re going through.


They can be the most cruelest and spiteful beings you can ever imagine.  I constantly get lectured on Baby Girl not sleeping through – I mean, she is after all 15 months old (well, nearly 16) already and she should definitely be sleeping through by now.  And she should be speaking in clear sentences.  And I should start potty training her now. …

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