For my Baby Girl…

Baby Girl is turning seven at the end of this month. And while I am expounding all my wisdom ūüėČ to you each month, I sometimes forget that I started this blog for her. So she can get to know who I am, and recall some memories she may forget as she grows older. So, I have posted 100 things about my husband that I love, I thought I’d do the same for Baby Girl.

  1. She has the most amazing blue/green eyes.
  2. She has the most gorgeous smile.
  3. She has the most wicked sense of humour – she is always laughing and getting up to mischief.
  4. She is feisty and ready to take on the world.
  5. She tries so hard to learn new things.
  6. She dances.
  7. She swims.
  8. She loves to read.
  9. She is constantly asking what new words spell – reading has opened up a new world for her.
  10. She loves animals.
  11. She is always wanting to help.
  12. She loves her sport.
  13. She loves the sea.
  14. She is nurturing some good friendships at school.  Friendships that I hope and pray will last her a lifetime.
  15. She is very protective of her family.
  16. She is a believer – she loves the Lord Jesus and believe He lives in heart through the sunrise.
  17. She loves to cycle.
  18. She is doing so well with her homework.
  19. She is the kind and gentle one.
  20. She gave our new nanny her doll’s pram and a doll when she heard that our nanny has a two-year old little girl.
  21. She loves her babies – all her stuffed toys are her babies and each one has a name and she sleeps with a different baby each night..
  22. She loves to give me cuddles.
  23. My favourite place in the entire world is cuddling with her in the morning before we start our day.
  24. She is ambitious – much like her dad.
  25. She is nurturing.
  26. She gets on well with people – all people from all walks of life.
  27. She knows who she is – I pray that it always stays like that.
  28. She is social – always wanting to be out and about with friends.
  29. And at the same time she loves just spending time with her dad and me.
  30. She loves Spongebob Squarepants.
  31. She helps out with what needs doing when she can. ¬†And perhaps sometimes after I have asked her three or four times… ūüėČ
  32. She loves to dream and make up fantasy stories – she has an awesome imagination.
  33. She loves to plan things Рon Sunday she went out for a cycle with her dad and packed some cool drinks in a little bag so they could picnic together.  How sweet is that?
  34. She has a healthy appetite.
  35. She loves to pray.
  36. She still believes in Father Christmas, the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny.
  37. But she is older enough for me to talk to and to explain things to her.
  38. She is strong-willed – gives me grey hair, but she knows what she wants.
  39. She loves her dad and me deeply.
  40. She can’t sit still – she is always exploring, thinking, understanding.
  41. She is so entertaining when we travel somewhere by car – the little American girl visits us and she entertains us with her American accent.
  42. She is patient.
  43. She is kind.  She is one of the kindest people I know.
  44. She tries to treat people fairly Рit is hard for most adults to do this, but she does try.  And I try to explain to her why it is so important to try to always treat people fairly.
  45. She is learning to respect people Рall people.  Another aspect I am constantly trying to teach her.
  46. She will always give someone a second chance – even when¬†she doesn’t feel like she should. ¬†I am trying to teach her that we all deserve a second chance.
  47. On Sunday, when we were playing school, she allowed me to lie down and to take a nap – as part of the school day, but I napped for real.
  48. She set up a lovely little classroom, with a dress up corner, a reading corner, a teacher’s corner – and she taught me how to read… ūüôā .
  49. She loves her cousins.  Both who live in Cape Town and the little one in P.E.
  50. She loves her grannies – both of them.
  51. Her heart is so big – and she has so much love to give.
  52. She loves chocolate.
  53. She loves the people we hang out with.
  54. And loves to hug them and tell them that she’s been missing them.
  55. She loves our next door neighbour and goes to visit there often.
  56. She has potential – lots of it.
  57. She has the most beautiful, gorgeous white blonde hair Рand its straight.  How lovely is that?
  58. She loves to laugh.
  59. She isn’t scared of anything – she is such a brave little girl.
  60. She can be quite naughty and mischievous.
  61. She wants to be an astronaut when she grows up one day. ¬†Her dad and I are thinking of world-famous model. ¬†Or lawyer… ¬†because…
  62. She can argue her way out of anything… ¬†And I mean anything.
  63. She is already trying to live her life to the full.
  64. She adores her family – both immediate and extended.
  65. She wants to go to London – she wants to see London Bridge.
  66. She wants to see snow and play in the snow.
  67. I look forward to seeing her grow and develop and become the beautiful woman God has created her to be.
  68. Life with her is never boring.
  69. She plays chess – she is just learning, but I was amazed at her knowledge last night when she was explaining things to her granny.
  70. She is very, very intelligent.  Probably the most intelligent little person I know.
  71. She is learning to speak Afrikaans – okay, she has an accent when she speaks, but she is learning and doing very well.
  72. She goes to an awesome Catholic school that has a very high standard of education.
  73. I see a lot of her dad in her.
  74. He is gentle.
  75. She loves pink Steristumpie.
  76. But often when we go out, she’ll just ask for a glass of water. ¬†How healthy is that?
  77. She loves our cat.
  78. She’ll never intentionally harm or hurt another living creature.
  79. She has faith.  Even for such a little thing Рshe believes.
  80. She is the most amazing little person I know.
  81. I have some amazing memories of her and her dad and our little family.
  82. We taught her to crawl by putting our cellphones just out of reach – naughty, I know, but she got the hang of crawling.
  83. She has an amazing memory – she tells us of things that happened such a long time ago, that I can’t believe she can remember it. ¬†And she does – in near perfect detail.
  84. She is loved.
  85. She is beautiful.
  86. She loved Frozen. As did most girls across the planet at that time.
  87. She wants to go to Russia – just not the part where there are earthquakes in case her dad and I fall into one, but she’s always spoken about going to Russia. ¬†Of course, if we had the money, her dad and I would love to take her.
  88. She has a hamster called Iggy Crackle – don’t you just love that name?
  89. She¬†loves to ask me religious questions as her little mind tries to understand ‚Äď like the one with Jonah and the whale:¬†Dear God, please let me know if the story of Jonah is true ‚Äď like real live. ¬†Did you really do that to Jonah? ¬†For real?
  90. And she can be so funny – because apparently God has a surname:¬†Mommy, did you know God has a surname? ¬†Yes, He does ‚Äď His surname is Merry Old Soul‚Ķ
  91. And I really wished there was such a thing as a kiddie answer book, because some of the questions we’re getting lately is taking up a lot of our creativity to answer: Do angels breathe in Heaven? / How old is Jesus? / How do good witches turn bad? / Do angels wear clothes? / Does the sun wear sunglasses? / Does the sun use sunblock? (Love this one) / What happens when we die? / Where does the wicked step mother come from? / Why do angels look after us? / If Jesus is in my heart, is Heaven in my heart too? / What language do American kids speak?
  92. She loves the name Emily:  After her first cousin Emily was born, she called her big giraffe toy Emily, and then called her little giraffe toy Emily, then her second cousin Emily was born and on Sunday at Mikes Kitchen, someone gave her a Lucky Bear toy, that she has promptly called Lucky Bear Emily… And I think there is a doll somewhere in there that is also called Emily.  Hmm, definitely see a pattern here!!!
  93. She wants to become the president so that there will be no more load shedding. ¬†(I would vote for her…)
  94. And her definition of saliva had us in stitches: Definition of SALIZA: that special gob you’ve got in your mouth that helps you to swallow.
  95. And the night before the Grandparents concert at school, she got a stainless steel disc stuck on her thumb that we could not get off at home. (The disk came from one of those universal plugs that has the rubber bit on the bottom, and a stainless steel part at the top. The disk came off the plug in the bath.)  Both her Dad & I tried everything: thumb in ice, baby oil, soap, it just wouldn’t budge. Went to St George’s emergency, and they couldn’t get it off either. They also didn’t have the equipment to cut it off, so eventually they had to phone the fire department to come cut it off. Excellent team who managed to cut it off and they were very gentle with her.  Then we get home to load shedding, so had to pack bags and do lunch, etc in the dark.  Heavens, what a night!
  96. She is amazing.
  97. I might be biased Рokay, I probably am biased, but she is amazing.
  98. She won the Herald’s cycle race when she was just three.
  99. And I love her.  With my whole heart and soul, I love this child so much.  I am so grateful that God gave her to me to look after for Him.  Thank you, Lord, for knowing me better than what I know myself.
  100. She is finally sleeping through at night.  Hooray.

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